Thanks to social media, communication now has become easier than ever! Reaching thousands of people is now possible within a few seconds, just with a few clicks. 

Twitter is one such social site gaining popularity, with hundreds of people finding the best self-expressing platform. People can chat, share views, opinions, interact with people, talk and debate on the issue through messages known as ‘tweets.’ 

Celebrities, social media influencers use their Twitter handle to reach their millions of followers at one go reaching out to them with useful information, promotion of movies, brands, etc., or only for entertainment. 

Why Social Media Marketing Became So Crucial Nowadays?

Social Media MarketingPeople spend a considerable amount of time now on these social sites as these are all in one platform, thus making digital marketing one of the best strategies for brand and product promotion. 

Social Media Marketing Companies are leaving no stones unturned to make the most of this situation and turn it to their benefit. Brands are effectively promoting their brands and products through celebrity Twitter handles, social media influencers, web pages, and user-generated content.

Such social sites indeed provide exposure to a certain amount, but it has its limitations too. Not all posts, people, tweets are equally popular with people. It leaves people wondering what kind of content is more engaging. 

Experts of Best Digital Marketing Company in Delhi have been continually experimenting with different kinds of content to determine which works best for increasing people’s engagement and ensure it reaches the target audience. It leads everyone to a dilemma whether or not to use links in tweets? 

What should you remember?

It is not uncommon for brands to provide a glimpse of the product or service they offer to the viewers for promotion purposes. Typically tweets may contain images, videos or may be accompanied by related links ad hashtags. Social Media Marketing Companies sometimes make use of such content with tweets as a part of digital marketing. ReTweet, along with likes and replies, determine users’ engagement with the post and provide measurable feedback received by the tweet. However, various experiments show that this trend is not very useful in sharing links with tweets. 

Studies have shown that tweets with links result in less engagement and reach. One such analysis led by Hootsuite Analytics shows that tweets that were plain works without any attachment, even hashtags received more views than tweets containing links for external sites. That led even the Best Digital Marketing Company in Delhi to hypothesize that tweets without links do the trick.

How to make organic tweets?

How to make organic tweetsNow, the question that remains is how to make organic tweets that grab attention?

  • Twitter restricts users by its word its criteria for each tweet. Thus, brands must make most of their choice of words. Simple, compact, and to the point posts prove to be most engaging. 
  • Tweets must be informative. The idea of posts is to provide relevant information to the users to manipulate their purchase decision. 
  • Brands posts are meant to influence the target audience and help reach the age-appropriate group’s products and services. 

Why do tweets with links are considered to be less engaging?

  • To begin with, tweets with any content, especially a link, may appear to be pushy. Compared to it, a tweet with only words has a generic tone.  
  • General tweets are more welcoming and subtly hint at marketing since they seem to engage the viewers in normal conversation rather than promoting brands deliberately. 
  • Tweets with only words encourage readers to indulge in a conversation rather than building an expectation to involve further.
  • A catchy caption: one-liners, motivating statements, a funny quote ensures if the tweet will be able to grab the attention of the viewers. Unlike the popular belief, long descriptive texts and additional resources are always not as fruitful as the short and crisp write-ups. 
  • Links drive people away from the platform itself. Hence experts also believe that twitter’s algorithm also promotes link fewer tweets better than the one with a link so that readers remain on the social platform. 

When it comes to digital marketing, Twitter is undoubtedly one of the best platforms if digital marketing companies can make appropriate use of it.

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