Virtual life has become the new normal in today’s time, increasing people’s dependence on the internet. Right from shopping, ordering food, booking tickets to watching movies, the lives of people genuinely have become digitalized. 

Chatting has replaced in-person conversation; video chats have replaced spending time with friends, online games have driven children out of the field, and they have become somewhat house arrested. However, just like the two sides of the coin, social media is not all gloom and disappointment. 

A New Ray of Hope for the Budding Artists

A new ray of hope for the budding artistsThe social media platform has given many budding artists the platform they have been seeking; it has made communication more comfortable by quickly reaching out to the mass. Social Media Marketing Companies rightly use this opportunity. Social media platforms, such as YouTube, which are immensely popular with people of all ages, has proven to be an exceptional strategy for online marketing. 

People who wish to make a difference, those who have opinions, views, experiences to share, or people who wish to entertain the crowd have found a much-needed exposure in these platforms. Holding the hand of such social media influencers, brands, too, have made their way into social video platforms such as YouTube. Best Digital Marketing Company in Delhi has made the best use of YouTube in video advertisements, pop-ups, surveys, etc. 

YouTube Today is not Just a Mere Mode of Entertainment.

YouTube today is not just a mere mode of entertainmentWith time, YouTube has transcended from being merely a mode of entertainment to a where a host of activities are organized, starting from promotional events, business meets, conventions, and what not! 

YouTube Statics to keep in Mind

YouTube Statics to keep in MindMany experiments and studies are conducted to judge this second popular social site’s effectiveness in digital marketing scope on YouTube. Read and find out surprising fact and data about this social video site that might prove to be helpful:

  • YouTube is the second most popular website with nearly 2 billion active users. It might not stand close to the popularity of other social media platforms but what differentiates YouTube from other sites is that the content can be visited without logging in. Thus, it might be possible many views on YouTube go unaccounted for.
  • YouTube is equally popular with children as it is with adults. Social Media Marketing Companies cash in is on the adult users that sums up quite a large number. Surprisingly statistics show that 74% of the US adults are active users of YouTube that crosses even Facebook and Instagram.
  • Compared to other social sites that restrict access due to age, YouTube is quite lenient, and its content is also child-sensitive and child friendly. It has been observed that 77% of 15-35 years olds of the US are regular YouTube users.
  • Studies show that 80% of the parents also trust their children with this social video site, unlike other platforms that often contain explicit content that is not age-appropriate for children.
  • YouTube is a hub of a stack of tutorial videos, movies, and live streams, making it one of the most visited social video platforms, followed by Netflix. The fact that the content at YouTube is available free of cost works best for the platform.
  • The popularity of YouTube in the USA is unparalleled. True to the word, 16.4 of its traffic comes from the USA, followed by India and Japan!
  • The fact that YouTube is a platform where one can showcase their creativity and contribute explains why viewers aged 18 and overspending 41.9 minutes on YouTube daily, on average.
  • Users are more comfortable with a device that is easy to use and always available. Thus it does not surprise that more than 40% of the watch time of YouTube happens through mobile phones. 
  • Average users visit nearly 9 other pages, along with YouTube, every day. YouTube contains related videos and links for relevant web pages that allow people to explore the subject they are looking for further.
  • YouTube is one junction that offers people the variety they seek, right from cooking tutorials to fitness tips. In 2020, 72% of people had used this social video platform to look for exercise videos.

Now that one has the YouTube statistics with them, they can now plan their digital marketing strategy with ease.

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