Instagram is a top-rated social site that has a considerable number of account holders. From celebrities to notable brands to individuals, everyone is entitled to have an Instagram account. A simple email id is enough to sign up for Instagram.ย 

Once a person has signed-up on this media-sharing platform, he/she gets the opportunity to share videos, pictures, etc. on this platform. Business accounts are created on Instagram because it is a suitable place for promoting brands. Business brands often take the help of Social Media Marketing Companies to further their business ventures on Instagram.ย 

How to apply for the stamp of verification on Instagram?

How to apply for the stamp of verification on InstagramThe alluring blue tick on an Instagram profile might seem easy to get. The easy part is the application process. A person who has a notable account on Instagram can apply for verification through the social media site. The step-by-step process is given below:

Find the hamburger menu sign on the Instagram page

  • Select the settings icon from the hamburger menu
  • Click on the Account icon
  • Then select the Request Verification tab

This leads to an application form where the account holder must fill in all the details like legal name and category correctly. To ensure the authenticity of the information, one needs to upload any government ID as proof. Once the application has been sent, the Instagram team reviews and a response is given within a week. If a person couldn’t get the verification stamp, then he/she can reapply again after 30 days.ย 

With the verification label, the account holder can add a level of authenticity to the account and leverage it to amplify his/her influence on this social media site.ย 

What are the eligibility criteria for Instagram verification?

Everyone has to abide by the community guidelines on Instagram, but anyone cannot request account verification on Instagram. The factors that entitle a person to apply for account verification are enlisted below:

  • The account has to legit. It should feature a real person or an established business brand.
  • Verification is possible for only one Instagram account per person.
  • ย The account has to be active and public.
  • The social page needs to have complete information about the account holder like profile photo, bio, and public uploads.
  • The account has to be trendy or popular on Instagram.ย 

Suggestions for acquiring the verification badge on Instagram

Suggestions for acquiring the verification badge on InstagramThe Instagram verification badge is often viewed as a symbol of status. To get this verification tick, one has to make sure that the personal or business account has the following features:ย 

ย Truthful information:ย 

Truthful informationConvoluted facts or false information ruins everything. Suppose false information is given while filling up the request verification form. In that case, the person/brand can also face account deletion by the Instagram team. Honesty is indeed the best policy here because false information won’t help in any way.ย 

ย Substantial follower count:ย 

On a social media platform, the number of followers is a vital aspect. Organic growth of a follower is the best way to show the Instagram account’s performance and popularity. The review team takes the follower count into account to determine the worthiness of the account.ย 

ย Presence of imposter accounts:ย 

The primary task of a verification tag is to ensure the authenticity of an Instagram account. There are many fan accounts and also fake accounts that attempt to impersonate a person or a brand. If a person/brand has proof of such fraudulent accounts against that person/brand, getting the verification tag becomes easier.ย 

Avoid monetary scams:ย 

Social media is rife with fake accounts, and many scammers try to steal money. Often fake information regarding the sale of badges is published and inadvertently leads to money scams. It is essential to know that Instagram never charges anything for a verification badge and the only legit way to get it through the request verification application process.ย 

ย Make searchable content:ย 

As a business brand or budding artist, it is vital to have a content-rich Instagram page. To aid social media marketing, one can take help of the Best Digital Marketing Company in Delhi. With marketable and optimized content, it is easier to get organic search queries on the Instagram platform.ย 

These suggestive actions improve the chances of getting verified on Instagram quickly.

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