To know social media acronyms and abbreviations are essential for internet language. No doubt, this is a different language. The best digital marketing company in Delhi teaches you to maintain the social strategy effectively. We aim to help cracking social media acronym code, abbreviations, and initialisms. 

We divide the social media abbreviations and acronyms into five categories. 

For example,

  • Some abbreviations are network-specific
  • Some are of the Gen Z category.
  • Few acronyms and abbreviations are business-specific.
  • Some are technical
  • A few social media acronyms are for emotions. 

Information on Social Network-Specific Abbreviations

Information on Social Network-Specific AbbreviationsSocial media marketing companies introduce you to the abbreviations. They are, 

  • FB for Facebook
  • IG for Instagram
  • DM for Direct Message
  • G+ for Google +
  • LI for LinkedIn
  • MT for Modified Tweet
  • TW for Twitter
  • YT for YouTube
  • RT for ReTweet
  • PRT for Partial ReTweet
  • PM for Private Message 

Use of Abbreviations:

The direct message helps both the sender and the recipient to communicate with each other. A Modified Tweet is also known as ‘Quote Tweet.’ The Tweeter edits the modified tweets to comprise it in a nutshell. Partial ReTweet is quite similar to RT or ReTweet. 

Now, let us discuss some social media abbreviations and acronyms that are popular. 

AFAIK means ‘As Far As I Know’; you use it when you believe something to be real. But you may not be confirmed about it. 

AMA refers to social question-answer sessions. Sometimes influencers, companies, and brand representatives host AMAs on social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit. 

BRB stands for Be Right Back. This abbreviation was first used in the 1980s. We can trace back the origin to the chat forum era. 

When BTS refers to Behind the Scenes, BTW refers to By The Way. We use this abbreviation to add some extra information or throw some shade and go on a tangent. 

CMV means Change My View. When you are sharing an opinion, it may not be right every time. You can have a civil conversation or use an entire subreddit dedicated to it. 

By using DYK, you can make your social media post a fun fact. Sometimes, you can use this abbreviation as hashtags. 

Have you ever heard of ELI5? As per the best digital marketing company in Delhi, we use this social media abbreviation to make complicated things simple. FBF or Flashback Friday is nothing but to state a fact happened on a Friday. 

Let us now highlight on FOMO that refers to Fear of Missing Out. While this abbreviation refers to the anxiety of absence, JOMO means the Joy of Missing Out. 

Next, we come to FTW. For The Win is used sincere, sarcastic, or even full-of-genuine-excitement acclamation. FWIW refers to For What It’s Worth. You can express your opinion politely when you can make out that somebody is giving a wrong assertion. 

FYI stands for ‘For Your Information.’ H/T refers to Hat Tip. H/T is a virtual nod that stands for Heard Through. ICYMI means ‘In Case You Missed It.’ IMHO or IMO refers to In My Humble Opinion or My Opinion. You can use IRL to use In Real Life in a pithy way. 

LMK stands for Let Me Know, and NBD means No Big Deal. 

Some new abbreviations or acronyms that are in vogue nowadays are:

WFH (Work From Home), ISO (In Search Of), KK (Okay), LOL stands for Laughing Out Loud, NSFW (Not Safe For Work), NBD (No Big Deal), B2B (Business to Business), B2C (Business to Consumer), OC, or Original Content, EM (Email Me), F2F (Face to Face), ROI (Return on Investment), CTA (Call to Action), and SMH refers to Shaking My Head. 

You might be aware of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMM (Social Media Marketing), and SMO (Social Media Optimization). 

Social Media Technical Acronyms

Social Media Technical Acronyms 

  • CRO: Conversion Rate Optimization
  • CMS: Content Management System
  • CX: Customer Experience
  • SOV: Share of Voice
  • RSS: Rich Site Summary
  • FTP: File Transport Protocol
  • UV: Unique Views
  • UX: User Experience
  • CR: Conversion Rate
  • GA: Google Analytics
  • VPN: Virtual Private Network
  • CPC: Cost per Click
  • CTR: Click Through Rate
  • ESP: Email Service Provider
  • IM: Instant Messaging 
  • OS: Operating System
  • PV: Page Views

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