The hype around social media gave way to social media marketing for many businesses and industries. Social media offered a new online platform that was only picking up pace. However, after a decade, social media marketing still seems to be booming. The credit for this fame must be given to the simultaneous growth of Social Media Marketing Companies. 

Social Media Marketing CompaniesPlatforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were the flag bearers of this revolution, and businesses grabbed on to any opportunity they could get to market and advertise their products. Companies and digital marketing agencies tie-up to create marketing and advertising strategies for different social media platforms. 

Facebook is possibly the most favoured among these platforms based on the number of users it has and the diversity it follows. All social media platforms have their fan base. It is upon the company and nature of the business that decides which social media platform would be the best for marketing and advertising. Digital Marketing Company in Delhi may help you understand your options better. 

Why Opt For Facebook Advertising? 

As we have said before that Facebook is a diverse platform, it also helps businesses find their place and target audience as well. Using the massive user-base of Facebook, any company can choose to market their business to a large number of people across the globe. Here are a few reasons why a company should invest in Facebook advertising. 

  • Facebook Advertising Undoubtedly, Facebook has billions of users. And needless to mention, the numbers are increasing every minute. A business can easily use it to its advantage.
  • With over a billion active users at all times, Facebook has the power to keep its audiences hooked.
  • The organic reach of Facebook may have visibly declined, but paid marketing or advertising plans are always on.
  • Facebook has personalized features for posting ads as well. This could involve location, gender or age group or any other demographics significant for companies’ target audiences.

There are other reasons to choose Facebook ads over other mediums. Facebook is an interactive platform. It allows businesses to personally connect with their audiences. In a way, paid advertisement on Facebook has turned out to be adequately profitable. To know more about it, you can contact a Digital Marketing Company in Delhi. 

Types Of Facebook Advertisements And Their Functions 

Types Of Facebook AdvertisementsSocial Media Marketing Companies will tell you, Facebook advertisement is mostly like other advertisements and serves a specific set of people. Hence, based on the criteria of the business Facebook ads can have 11 variants. Before we dive further into the types, the basic posting starts at the Facebook Ads dashboard. So, let’s understand the different types of Facebook Ads. 

Boost Your Posts 

The first option is for boosting your posts. This will help the company optimise their page or a specific post over a set dynamic. 

Promote Your Page 

Under the ‘Promote Your Page’ option you can simply click and add the URL or the Facebook page itself and set other features for promoting the page in question. 

Send People To Your Website 

This feature will help display your ‘add on’ to the news feed and other Facebook associated applications, such as Instagram. 

Increase Conversions 

Under ‘Increase Conversions’, you can check the conversion ratio of the advertisement campaign. 

Get Installs 

With the ‘Get Installs’ option, the company can add other applications or CTA buttons to attract clients for conversions. 

Increase Engagement 

In this next option, you can add the URL or specific sections of the app/ website to drive traffic into that part. 

Reach People Near You 

‘Reach People Near You’ will have the business advertisement displayed based on the chosen area of a map. 

Raise Attendance 

The ‘Raise Attendance’ option is designed for the digital event and its live count. 

Get People To Claim Your Offer 

It is the best way for the company to attract its target audience. 

Get Video Views 

With the ‘Get Video Views’ options, you can easily get more views on the videos. 

Collect Lead 

Under the ‘Collect Lead’ feature you will find the lead form that is needed to be filled up by the audience. This will get you more leads for conversions. 

You can choose any option from the above bucket for a specific cause that you want to emphasize. A Digital Marketing Company in Delhi can give you more information on the matter. 


Businesses either do not have the time or adequate knowledge on how to digitally market their products. Marketing has changed a lot, and social media marketing seems to be the need of the hour. Social Media Marketing Companies have gained much prominence in the past few years for the same reason. So collaborating with the right digital partners becomes an essential growth catalyst!

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