Why Digital Marketing?

Digital-MarketingThe origins of internet dates back to almost 40 years ago, with the U.S military’s funding some research network dubbed ‘Arpanet’  in the year 1969. Ever since then, the ‘Internet’ has gone through a lot more than just a name change. In the past few years, we have seen a tremendous explosion of internet users. According to data and statistics, internet users in India in 2016 were a whopping 462 million. India has significantly progressed compared to five years back, when internet users in India were 125 million. There is literally nothing that cannot be procured online. Starting from shopping for apparel, grocery, travel tickets, electronics-the list can go on.

The internet has transformed the entire dynamics of the marketing world. No matter what strategies you adopt, the internet is likely to be the heart of the marketing plan. Digital marketing, i.e, internet marketing is an endorsement of brands, products and services on digital media platforms such as social media sites, search engines, emails and other electronic media. Digital marketing mainly comprises of Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click advertising, email marketing, mobile marketing, blog activities and content marketing. Internet marketing company in Delhi such as Digidarts offers all of these at extremely cost effective prices.

In 2015, Digital Advertising Marketing was pegged at around Rs 5,200 crores in 2015 and is estimated to touch 7,000 crores in 2017! Many businesses are now reaping the benefits of internet marketing and leveraging advantages that traditional marketing just doesn’t seem to offer. Let us now see why we should opt for digital marketing.

  1. Cost effective- Compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing is very cost effective. Compared to the cost incurred in marketing platforms such as television and print, digital marketing cost is just a fraction.
  2. Exposure- With most forms of traditional advertising, the reach is very limited. Contrastingly, with just one digital marketing campaign, business can reach the entire world! There is an infinite reach from the internet and it widens the horizon of the business to boundless possibilities.
  3. Measurable Results- It is slightly more difficult to track the actual results of traditional marketing. The effects of commercials, banners or flyers cannot readily be quantified. Whereas, in digital marketing, there are many analytics solutions which offer us a detailed report of the digital marketing campaign and the reports can be attained on a timely, real-time and daily basis.
  4. Target audience- Every product or service has a focused target audience. Digital marketing facilitates and filters the target audience and reaches out to the right people more effectively.
  5. Engagement- Through digital marketing, businesses can have an immediate connect with the clients compared to traditional marketing which is a one-time production and static. A firm, via digital marketing can interact with clients, cater to their needs, respond to their queries and complaints and immediately take action. This also helps the firm to reflect and make necessary alterations if needed.
  6. Adaptability- With regular engagement with clients and real-time results, a business has the advantage of immediately taking steps to make necessary changes to advance towards betterment. This keeps the business campaign fresh and profitable. Unlike traditional marketing, there is no need to wait for weeks or sometimes even months to get accurate results and then decide the alternate solutions.
  7. Instant Results- Let’s take a classic example here. We all must have read about the disaster when there was power blackout for almost 34 minutes at the During Super Bowl XLVII at the Superdome. While there was an outrage and outburst throughout; Oreo jumped on this opportunistic cultural moment and tweeted an ad that read “Power Out? No problem” with the starkly-lit image of an oreo cookie and the caption read ‘You can still dunk in the dark’. Oreo was applauded for their wit and received a mind-boggling response to this.

Hence, it is extremely important to choose the right digital marketing company for your business. Choose the best digital marketing company in Gurgaon which provides all of the above advantages. Digidarts is well-known and appreciated for their affordability, novelty in ideas for their clients, prompt service and creativity which makes them the best digital marketing company Delhi and Gurgaon.

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