Digital Marketing is a new age selling technique. Every business venture has to plan the marketing and advertising strategies for its products and services. To reach the zenith of brand awareness and sales, you need to customize the marketing plans. Digital Marketing Services have garnered much attention for the same reason since the digital market became a crucial aspect for business growth. 

There are different ways that a company may choose to market its products. From the physical distribution of leaflets, arranging promotional events to SMS, email, social media, and other such digital mediums, all are used repeatedly for marketing purposes. Emails are one of the widely-used and the most result-driven marketing platforms for a long time now! Let us know more about the drip marketing campaigns that have been the talk of the town! 

What Is Meant By Drip Marketing? 

Drip marketing is a form of email marketing, where the company sends automated emails. The emails are not sent randomly. Instead, they are sent to a few specific people (leads) who have performed specific actions. Drip campaigns are pre-planned; here, automated emails are scheduled when your client agrees to plans that are customised with an email notification program. 

What is Meant by Drip Marketing?A Digital Performance Marketing Agency is mostly hired for setting up and managing the marketing campaigns. Drip campaigns are also a part of their functioning. These emails are pre-written and personally scheduled for specific actions performed by any client. This action can be as simple as placing an order. As soon as the user agrees upon the marketing permissions by a brand, they will automatically receive an email. 

Here are a few actions that may trigger drip marketing emails. 

  • When a buyer places an order.
  • Taking part in an event organized by the company, physically or virtually.
  • Abandoning a cart item for too long.
  • Signing up for any plans.
  • Registering for a complaint or report.
  • Getting in touch with the customer support centre.
  • Not being active or taking any action for a while.

For the client or buyer, it will work either as a notification or a reminder to keep them on track. While for the company it offers an opportunity to sell products. Drip marketing is a process that is only scheduled for potential leads. Note, it is nothing like general email marketing. It is based upon a specific action of the user or visitor. 

Features Of Drip Campaigning 

In order to differentiate drip campaigns from other marketing programs, there is a certain feature that may help in understanding their nature. Here are a few characteristics of a drip marketing campaign. 

Features Of Drip Campaigning

  • The emails are always pre-written and automated for a scheduled release.
  • Digital Marketing Services will schedule the email to be sent in response to any user action.
  • They are mapped and used as a key to engaging with audiences.

Digital Marketing Services will always have a specific set of goals for drip marketing. The pre-planned and automatic nature of drip campaigns is based upon the assumption of an action that is yet to be done in the future. Hence, it is safe to say, the company has to be prepared based on foresight. 

Drip Campaigning- Actual Execution 

There are different sorts of drip campaigns available. Any Digital Performance Marketing Agency will tell you, on which terms and conditions you should be using the drip marketing campaigns. 

Drip Campaigning- Actual Execution

  • Signing up, registration, subscription, renewal, expiry all of the events associated with the user account may prompt drip emails.
  • Any personal dates of your clients that may be significant to them can be great for drip campaigns. Events such as birthdays or anniversaries are the best time to contact them. A few festivals dates may also be important for marketing.
  • It is important to study user behaviour. For example, for someone signing up on the platform, welcome emails or drips are sent to invite them into the community and give them a little insight into their goods.
  • First purchase and product recommendations, every now and then, are common in drip marketing.
  • Abandoning any item in the cart for some time may also trigger drip emails.
  • If a customer or user has been distant from the platform for some time is also significant for sending drip emails.
  • When a user contacts the customer care service or registers a complaint, a follow-up email as part of a drip marketing campaign can be activated.
  • Unsubscribing or deleting accounts may also trigger drip campaigns.

A Digital Performance Marketing Agency will first do proper market research and sit with the company professionals to know the areas that will work most for marketing effect. It is important to remember that drip campaigns cannot be activated without a trigger. You have to pay close attention to your user activity, so you can set up an effective drip campaign. 


Professional Digital Marketing Services are trained and experienced in marketing campaigns. However, it is the mutual coordination of the company and the agency that produces the best results. Marketing is all about knowing the market and using that knowledge to the advantage of your business. Drip marketing also follows the same rules while setting up a trigger.

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