Instagram for BusinessAs per recent statistics, more than 25 million companies use Instagram for business and 200 million+ users visit at least 1 business profile a day. With the recent evolution of trends, Instagram has become a haven for brands, wherein engagements are high, followers are brand-loyal, and real business goals are achieved. Agencies offering digital marketing services are already leveraging upon Instagram as a platform for reach and profitability. Here are some ways in which you can use Instagram for business in the best possible manner.

Craft an Effective Instagram Strategy

The first step is to set up an Instagram business account. Then on, you need to identify your target audience and strategize accordingly. Keep this statistic in mind: the majority of Instagram users are under the age of 35, with a fairly close split between male and female users. Carry out research about your existing buyers and competitors, while checking the analytics on peripheral social media channels to get an idea about your followers. After analyzing these aspects, craft your content as per the needs of your target audience.

Set SMART Goals and Objectives

Your goals and objectives will keep you on track and allow you to focus all attention on your efforts. Follow the SMART framework:


While building your Instagram presence, base a part of your goals on vanity metrics such as likes, followers, and comments. However, make sure that you also set realistic and relevant business goals that result in value-based profitability. Your goals should also align with the four stages of a customerโ€™s journey:

Awareness: This stage includes metrics such as brand awareness, follower growth-rate, and post reach.
Engagement: Includes metrics such as likes-based engagement rate and shares-based amplification rate.
Conversion: In addition to the conversion rate, this metric includes click-through rate and bounce rate. In case youโ€™re using paid ads, conversion metrics should also include cost-per-click and CPM.
Customer: Based on the actions taken by customers, such as reviews, feedback, and testimonials.

Optimize Your Profile

Start by tweaking your Instagram bio – as it is only 150 characters long, you need to do your best in order to create a good impression. How can you do that? Start by conveying your brand personality: is your tone casual, professional, or a tad cheeky? No matter what you opt for, be convincing about your voice. Donโ€™t forget to include hashtags as they are a great way to show-off user-generated content. You can also add emojis as they will allow you to say a lot within a few characters.

Next, you should go ahead and optimize your profile picture, which, in your case, might be your brandโ€™s logo. Make sure that the logo is fully visible and uploaded in high resolution. Use all components of your Instagram business profile to your advantage; add a clickable link which redirects to your website, products, campaign, or landing page. Also, add an appropriate CTA link and categorize your business to help potential audiences connect with you easily.

Take Aesthetically Pleasing Photos

Beauty attracts attention wherever it goes: hence, having a feed filled with beautifully-shot photographs is bound to attract your target audience. You donโ€™t necessarily need a DSLR in order to do so, as you can simply use your mobile phone to create a wonderful Insta feed. Use natural light, as it makes products appear more interesting – the shadows are softer, the colours are richer, and the photos are breathtaking to look at. Also, while taking photographs, use the rule of thirds. Your phone camera has a grid to help you follow this rule, as you can create a shot which is slightly off-centre but still proportionate and well-balanced. Agencies offering social media marketing services advice their clients to follow these rules while taking product shots for social media.

Donโ€™t forget to edit your photos in order to give them a polished, professional look – you can use apps such as VSCO or Enhance to accomplish the same. Also, do make it a point to leverage upon Instagram stories, as more than 40% of individuals get interested in brands after viewing their stories.

What are you waiting for? Get on top of your game as itโ€™s time to get Insta-famous!

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