There is no painless way for a paid search marketer to seek career growth. It is always important to look at your roots and find inspiration instead of finding it elsewhere. Marketers can start from anywhere and learn to grow. A paid marketer working under any Media Buying Agency is bound to face challenges on their way to success.

Media Buying AgencyThe career of a paid search marketer is tied to the success and growth of their clients. Recently, there has been an issue identified with campaign advertising measurement. The most dominant factors are the lack of direction, resources for many brands, and accurate data models for several brands in the digital space.

  • Digital Marketing Services have lately noticed a strange trend that could have an adverse impact. While the growth of the eCommerce industry has been on a steady rise, the growth of individual sectors have been slower than what was expected. The problem was in the broken measurement of advertisement campaigns, where marketers believed ad clicks to produce a massive turnover. However, that notion seems to be wearing off, as marketers are adopting more tracking models on the one hand. On the other, they plan and effectively strategize their spending.
  •  Data has an important part in search marketing and brand marketing positioning. Marketers will always have to look for chances to preach the value the paid media analytics while making business decisions. The sooner they can convince their company executives, the better will be the outcome.
  • Inaccurate measurement has also been accused of hampering brand growth. With the wrong measurement, you are bound to target the wrong audience, adversely affecting the whole campaign. Therefore, a proper marketing strategy is important, from Landing Page Optimization to convincing new customers, which leads to the top-line revenue, instead of going one or the other.
What Is The Importance Of Brand Measurement?

It is okay to talk about the problems and offer some solutions for brand measurement, but one needs first to understand why brand measurement is important. Technically speaking, brand measurement checks brand awareness with a distinct parameter.

  • Brand MeasurementAwareness and distinctiveness are the most important factors considered for brand growth. It has also been linked to the long-term success of the company.
  • Marketers and analytics have duly noticed that brands with a high awareness have more reach and power over the audience. Even when similar brands have a lower price or a better quality, customers are still drawn by the brand’s popularity.
  • It has also been noticed the brand considered by consumers initially has a higher chance than something they have just stumbled upon and have little knowledge about. Therefore, a Media Buying Agency will be dedicated to building brand awareness that customers cannot turn away from so easily.
  • It is also expected to impact brand equity and its growth significantly. Probably even greater than the advertisements it was initially designed to work upon.
  • Measurement supports numerous factors. A few among these are advertising, publicity, expansion, quality, mortality, and many others corroborated under brand measurement.
  • The link between brand awareness and overall brand growth is an old tale. However, there is also a correlation between brand awareness and a company’s revenue.
Different Types Of Brand Measurement

There are no standardized rules or ideas for brand measurement. Instead, it uses a range of brand-related measurements and research tactics to reach the desired result. Digital Marketing Services focuses on four metrics. These are explained in the next few lines.

Brand Insights

You will have to study through qualitative and quantitative consumer research tactics for brand insight. Marketers are good at collecting data from one on one interviews and surveys conducted previously. These interviews and surveys are centred on brand identity, ideal customer profile design, category design, and many more objectives.

Brand Tracking

A few semi-standardized metrics could be involved by gathering data and insight from periodic consumer studies. For example, brand trackers have a few dimensions, such as distinctiveness, preference, recognition, sentiment, etc.

Brand Equity

The business value derived from the brand is measured through brand equity. Landing Page Optimization, analyzing financial and brand data at a large scale, and other metrics are part of the brand awareness strategy. These days, machine learning techniques are often used to determine the impact of single brands on the revenue and capitalization of the market.

Brand Lift

Putting data on a pedestal, and it is used in a systematic way to deliver brand growth or brand lift. Each advertisement and marketing campaign needs to be dealt with utter seriousness. This will dramatically impact and may even improve the company standings.


A Media Buying Agency will work on finding paid search marketers that can make a significant difference in the brand measurement scheme. The old modules seem to be outdated and need a change. By altering the brand awareness tactics, paid search marketers benefit the company and their careers.

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