Since the launch of the social media giant, Facebook, the face of brand marketing and advertising has dramatically changed. With the massive growth of Facebook as a social media platform and the metaverse being around the corner, there remained little choice for Digital Marketing Services not to get involved and reap the benefits of this new play.

Digital Marketing ServicesAs soon as Facebook became a clear-cut option for marketing and advertising for different business units, many joined immediately, without a second thought. However, as Facebook grew from a mere social media to a marketplace, it not just acknowledged these businesses but also introduced rules and trends to make the whole process systematic.

The Changing Facebook Trends

These Facebook trends are subject to change now and then. Almost every few months, a new trend will pop up. For this reason, a Digital Media Buying Agency has to keep itself updated about the latest trends, so it can get the most out of it before its competitors take over the scene. So, here are a few Facebook advertising trends that have been quite useful in 2022.

Video Content Assures More Clicks

In digital marketing, the number of clicks matters a lot, and it even determines the success of a digital marketing or advertising campaign. To acquire clicks, the first thing is to ensure that the content is interesting enough to keep the audience engaged. Lately, video content has proven to insinuate more engagement and clicks.

Rather than presenting written or photos or even audio content, videos are more prone to attracting more eyeballs, as we have historically noticed the phenomenon during the rise of television. In a similar fashion, but with a more advanced and relevant approach, Facebook video content has drawn much attention through its innovative take on ad videos and its way of marketing.

Gallery / Albums For Drawing Attention

Even though you are adding videos, photo albums, and an organised gallery, poting has also been linked to drawing attention from the target audience. A Media Buying Agency that emphasises gallery or album creation will have ideas about designing the gallery and strategically post photos or create specific albums that the viewers might find interesting.

Many small businesses use this phenomenon to attract local crowds to their venue. These pictures are also authentic proof for audiences to understand what services to expect from the firm.

Introduction To The Metaverse

The declaration by Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, about their new project called metaverse had mixed reviews from its audience. The metaverse is Zuckerberg’s new project investment of over $10 billion to transform the overall digital experience into a 3-dimensional virtual augmented reality. Though the project has not received much positive review, any Media Planning and Buying Agency of the time have to keep an eye on the changes meta could bring to the table and how to cash it out in a business sense.

Facebook Live For Staying Connected In Real-Time

During the COVID pandemic, businesses that had to drastically shift to the digital platform to survive the situation had to find ways relevant to their business needs. One such method that came out around this time was Facebook Live.

With the rise of WFH and Zoom calls, the Facebook Live segment became an important turning point for businesses to advertise, market, and connect with their audience in real-time through these live video options. In Facebook Live, audiences can comment on the live video, allowing them to engage in the conversation instantly.

Facebook Ad Budgets

Facebook Ad BudgetsFacebook has established its reputation as one of the number one social media platforms. During the pandemic, it further established its presence as a marketing and advertisement platform, while many companies invested in paid advertisements due to the unprecedented circumstances. Digital Marketing Services quickly got involved and increased their business in this distressing period, as soon as they sensed the industry’s growth. The Facebook paid ads are expected to double up in 2022.

Commenting Links For Keeping The Conversation Going

Facebook posts have been designed in a way that they can strike up an instant conversation and then socially engage other parties. There are likes, comments, and shares, which have been proven to be quite engaging. Like normal Facebook comments have the quality of leading on to the next conversation, businesses flip it to their advantage. They often place a link in comments, further driving conversation through the comment section.

Facebook Marketplace & Live Shopping

The stats say that the Facebook marketplace will have over 500 million online shoppers in 2022. This number is big enough to attract many business firms to take an interest in the matter. Marketplaces offer probably the best local shopping experience from fellow sellers who may not be professionals. Apart from the marketplace, Facebook live shopping has also made a few headlines and stroke a few chords in recent times.


A Digital Media Buying Agency has to always stay ahead in the game and stay updated about crucial changes. Facebook ad trends have almost changed every year, and there are some new additions or exclusions that need to look into. These trends vastly decide how the campaign will perform digitally.

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