Businesses recognise digital marketing campaigns as a way to improvise their standings. As a result, web platforms often choose paid advertising, where Google ads come in. Google is one of the most reputed platforms, and paid advertisements are part of the PPC marketing channel. Google Ads Agency in Gurgaon has recognised its importance and is considered an expert in driving qualified traffic and reliable customers through Google Ads.

Google ads are the gateway to creating well-timed advertisements and correctly sharing them with their target audiences. The search engine result page (SERP) pulls out this ad whenever a user searches something similar on Google; this could range up to various things. Over time, Google will analyse your advertisement and offer you better insights to move forward.

Google Doubleclick AgencyStatistically speaking, Google generates over 5 billion searches daily, and Google Ads have completed 20 years, becoming the most senior on the scene. There is no denying that Google ads have only gained more and more prominence and growth since its inception. Google Doubleclick Agency is like many other agencies leading digital brands in the world of Google Ads from the front. Here are some popular practices that are relevant to this time.

AI & Machine Learning

The rising technology of the time is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the two of which have already positively impacted the automation industry. And with the growth of the automation industry, digital marketing and advertising is also looking at a change in trend. The inclusion of such high-end technology is primarily used for automating most advertising functions.

Video Marketing

SEO & PPCIn the 21st century, content has much value, and everything revolves around it. In the same digital world, video content is getting more attention lately. Google Marketing Agency in Gurgaon will undoubtedly advise its clients to go for video marketing or advertisement, even more, when they are already paying for it. The stats show that video content is already more popular, and a big chunk of the internet traffic comes from such video content. The coming years also seem to be quite ripe for the video marketers and advertisers, who have already started making a difference.


SEO and PPC are tools marketers use to derive specific outcomes from their ads. Search Engine Optimization has lately become quite popular, and there are different strategies used to bend these SEO options to the brandโ€™s advantage. Similarly, PPC or Pay-Per-Click is another strategy for advertisers to measure the ad performance and pay accordingly.

Google Trends

Google Ads Agency in Gurgaon will have to stay updated with all the google trends of the current time to deliver an effective marketing or ad campaign solution. Google trends use popular relevancy keywords to rank content, including SEO practices. Therefore, it is vital to stay relevant when creating virtual content; the same also goes for marketing and ad campaigns.

Social Media Advertisements

If google holds the position of the highest used search engine, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are fighting over the top social media positions. These giants have users in millions and billions, and the numbers have naturally attracted more businesses to invest in social media advertisements. Therefore, if Google Ads are your first consideration, social media advertisements should be next on the list.

Data Privacy

Since the internet became a big thing, data privacy was also reinforced. Digital data came under much threat, and often the authenticity of digital platforms came under suspicious if their data privacy policies were not strong enough. Moreover, websites with a lower data protection option became targets of data theft, urging websites to take data privacy more seriously. On the other hand, the rise of digital marketing and agencies like Google Marketing Agency in Gurgaon also threatened customers’ privacy, so certain more or less universal policies have been set up.

Voice Search Optimization

A search panel is crucial for any eCommerce or even web portals of today to find specific data among the scores of content provided on the platform. The recent inclusion in this search panel is the feature of voice search optimisation. The search bar can be further modified and enhanced with automated tools like AI to allow voice search.

Quality Score Improvement

You can do your bit in making and crafting the ad campaign, but it is Google that determines the ranking of your ads and their Quality Score (QS). Therefore, Google Doubleclick Agency has to pay much attention to the QS of their clients to prove their capabilities.

Landing Page Optimization

Last but not least, the web portal needs to pay attention to its landing page. A lot depends on the landing page, its content, speed, placement, and design; every minute detail can impact users one way or the other.


To talk about Google trends, there are many. And, they can change anytime based on direct and indirect factors. This is where the need for Google Ads Agency in Gurgaon comes in, as they will be your guide to understanding these trends and practising only the ones that can effectively impact the business.

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