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Swiss Beauty: Organic Revenue Surge Story by 56.3% | Case Study | Digidarts

Swiss Beauty is India's fastest-growing beauty brand, aspires to be every makeup enthusiast's companion. Fusing global cosmetic standards with a deep understanding of Indian beauty needs, they provide innovative, long-wearing, and comfortable products, elevating beauty to Swiss standards. They partnered with Digidarts to attain holistic growth and propel their online presence through SEO strategies.

Digidarts Skyrockets ASICS India’s Organic Revenue by 28% | Case Study | Digidarts

ASICS is a sports brand that has been designing innovative sports shoes & apparel for over 60 years. Asics is known for comfortable and performance-enhancing products for athletes and active consumers alike. Digidarts partnered with Asics to propel their online presence through effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies.

ChefKart’s Remarkable Growth through Reduced CPL and Exponential Quality Leads | Case Study | Digidarts

ChefKart is a platform that seamlessly connects professional and verified home chefs with households, building an ecosystem. By partnering with Digidarts, ChefKart achieved an incredible 78% drop in Cost Per Lead (CPL) and a remarkable 203% boost in quality lead generation.

Digidarts Collaboration Yields 10X Wallet Surge for Muvin | Case Study | Digidarts

Muvin, an app-based Personal Finance Platform for GenZ/ Teenagers in India makes smart banking accessible for them. The platform is designed by parents for kids with a long-term goal of empowering the 400 million youth of Bharat with Digital Financial Inclusion & Literacy. Digidarts partnered with Muvin to achieve a staggering 10X increase in wallet creation, while simultaneously slashing customer acquisition costs and skyrocketing brand awareness.

Driving Success: Achieving 3x Increase in Know Your Self Test Takers | Case Study | Digidarts

Upraised is India's leading job-focused learning program, empowering motivated individuals with the skills and support needed to pursue a fulfilling career. Digidarts increased Upraised's KYS takers by 3x by leveraging strategic digital marketing solutions.

Tapping into Boddess’ Hidden User Interest & Behaviour | Case Study | Digidarts

Boddess is one of India’s Finest Beauty-Tech Retailer Brands that aspires to revolutionize the way people perceive beauty and grooming. Through Digidarts' analysis of user behavior and interests, Boddess’ CAC decreased by 40% and ROAS increased by 77%.

Re-target Campaign for Pre-existing Users of VOGO| Case Study | Digidarts

VOGO is a keyless rental scooter that offers an easy commute and ensures a seamless ride for each customer. Digidarts enabled VOGO to reactivate 30% more users than the desired target.

Successfully Integrated Marketing Ride for User Acquisitions and retention | Case Study | Digidarts

VOGO is a tech-enabled personal mobility solution provider that offers convenient, affordable and reliable two-wheelers to daily commuters. Digidarts used different app store optimisation strategies that resulted in VOGO’s 50% Rise In Organic Installs.

Par Excellence App Engagement – Gromo’s Success Strategy | Case Study | Digidarts

Gromo is a new-age social commerce fintech brand that promotes ‘selling financial products’ including loans, insurance, and investments. Digidarts helped Gromo gain over 168% rise in quality Lead Generation by using the latest app marketing strategies.

Sushant University’s Rise in Lead Generation Amidst Covid-19 | Case Study| Digidarts

Sushant University (erstwhile Ansal University) is an esteemed Private University in Gurugram, India, recognized for its diverse educational programmes in Architecture, Design, Law, Management, Hospitality, Engineering, Health Sciences and Planning & Development. Digidarts intense marketing manoeuvre (campaign optimization targeting high-end mobile users) brought 150% efficacy in relevant lead generation on Sushant University’s site.

Money In Minutes’s Accelerating Lead Generation | Case Study | Digidarts

Money in Minutes, a premium money lending and quick payday loan app, is an RBI approved NBFC. The app aids to provide easy short credits which are payable during a specific time. This app is registered under CIBIL and is currently proposing its services in 23 Indian Cities.

HyperGrowth in New Organic Users of YALE | Case Study | Digidarts

Yale is a prominent name in the B2B Sector and has been a priority brand in the lock business for decades now. Its vast range of quality products includes digital door locks, fingerprint lock, video door phone and much more. Digidarts progressive data-driven tactics & unerring SEO strategies escalated Yale’s website reach by 19%.

Dealshare’s Market Penetrating User Acquisition Amidst Global Pandemic | Case Study | Digidarts

DealShare is an Online Grocery Shopping and Delivery Store (Mobile Application/ E-commerce) that deals in offering the best-in-industry discounts on grocery products. The brand is best recognized for its wide range of deliverable grocery products that have served a vast number of happy customers across the Nation.

Meesho’s ROI-Booming Re-engagement Journey | Case Study | Digidarts

An Indian originated social e-commerce brand catering to Reselling products. Meesho connects small businesses and individuals where they directly sell their products through social channels like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and Telegram etc.

Bulbul’s Commendable User Acquisition plus 2X Rate Sales | Case Study | Digidarts

Bulbul is India’s first Online Video Shopping App. It focuses on providing a real-time shopping experience making it fun, engaging and social for its users. Availability in multiple Indian languages makes it a more interactive and user-friendly app. Bulbul app has marked its presence in digital space, especially during Covid -19, where it enables physical store experience but at the comfort of your residence.

Meesho’s Game-changing User Acquisition | Case Study | Digidarts

Meesho is a celebrated Online Reselling App that aids small businesses to boost up or commence their online store via varied social channels, viz. WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Digidarts idea of re-engaging resellers, experimental UACe campaigns and keyword encircled optimization led Meesho’s cost-per-transaction to reduce by 50%, and reseller engagement yielded 3X ROI.

Soaring 10X Conversion Journey Of Flexnest | Case Study | DigiDarts

Flexnest is an Online Premium Home Gym (Fitness) Equipment Seller (Ecommerce) that promotes innovative products for home gyming intending to ease fitness worries in the modern world. The brand has a vast range of products at a reasonable range that has served innumerable customers with its amazing gym-equipments.

DealShare’s Hyper User Acquisition within a Limited CAC | Case Study | Digidarts

DealShare is an Online Grocery Shopping and Delivery Store (Mobile Application/ E-commerce) that deals in offering the best-in-industry discounts on grocery products. The brand is best recognized for its wide range of deliverable grocery products that have served a vast number of happy customers across the Nation.

Industry-Pioneering ROI – B2B App Campaign | Case Study | Digidarts

Industry Buying is a splendid online platform that offers a wide range of utility products for all industrial purposes. The brand maintains a catalogued collection that comprises industrial products for varied purposes. To enhance mobile app engagement while scaling ROAS and maintaining CAC, we incorporated Best-Selling and User Engaging Product ads and enabled Hyperscale Sales with our Commercially-Leading B2B Campaign.