“Words can inspire, thoughts can provoke, but only action truly brings you closer to your dreams.”


Brimming with the urge to fulfill his yet-to-be realized dreams, Mr. Siddhartha Vanvani, Founder at Digidarts, returned to India, post his Masters in Marketing at the University of Leeds. His thesis on ‘Real-Time Marketing on Social Media’ was inspired by electrifying campaigns of the likes of Volvo and Samsung during the US Superbowl. He penned down his thesis with a nuanced understanding of the marketing world – most importantly, he harboured a vision like no other.

Juggling various job offers from premier companies, Siddhartha felt that there was an acute gap in India’s agency culture – a vacuous grey area, a void that needed to be filled. Determined to revolutionize the digital realm in the country, he wanted to establish an agency culture that understood clients in an innate manner, wherein agencies would assist, educate, and facilitate the growth of brands with creative innovation and empathy.

With concentrated efforts, months of endeavour, and the unequivocal support of friends, family, and mentors, Siddhartha laid down the foundation of Digidarts in October 2014. Operations commenced on November 2015, and since then, the ever-evolving team has never looked back – actualizing their dreams, fulfilling destinies, and creating art infused with exceptional marketing.

Over the years, Digidarts has revolutionized the digital marketing terrain, taking one step at a time towards the stars. While the organization began its inception with top-notch SEO, Google Ads, and Social Media services, it went on to design state-of-the-art websites, devise deft strategies for Media Buying, among other important marketing appendages. Evolving into one of the best performance-driven agencies in the industry, we went on to launch our exclusive, in-house ad network, Apparcher, and since then, we have come a long way. The rest of the road can only be unforgettable!


Our primary aim is to enrich the digital agency ecosystem in the country, as we gradually widen our horizons. We believe in following a different, well thought-out, and empathetic route when it comes to our clients, the success of which speaks for itself. By the year 2022, we aim to meet the following milestones:

  • 100+ happy faces in the Darts Family.
  • Multiple branches across the country, with a global influence.
  • Gaining expertise in Performance Marketing across diverse industries. 
Our core values

Ordinary doesn’t Succeed

Client grows, we grow! Sustainable.

Timelines are meant to be followed.

Don ‘t just Listen.Understand!

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