WhatsApp MarketingThe innovations in digital technology have led to the evolution of newer and better ways of business promotion amongst the target audiences. In this respect, WhatsApp has emerged as the latest marketing tool being used by the providers of digital marketing services to enhance the reach and engagement level of their client business. This undisputed leader in the world of social messaging apps, is known to offer a market penetration which is at par with the most renowned social media channels. However, before learning about the most effective ways to use WhatsApp marketing for business promotion, it is important to learn know the essential statics about the messaging app.

Vital Statics About WhatsApp

Since its creation in 2009 by Jan Koum and Brian Acton, WhatsApp has grown to become one of the most popular messaging apps. In fact, the app is currently being used by more than 1200 million users in 109 countries across the globe. The app enables the users to share unlimited text, audio and video messages and that too for absolutely free. Most importantly the app offers a completely ad free experience for the users. However, it is these very features that have made WhatsApp an extremely difficult option to exploit for business marketing purposes. To complicate things further, business marketers cannot push the messages to users who have not extended a message to establish contact with them.

What Makes WhatsApp Marketing – “A Great Choice”?

Despite the aforementioned challenges, an increasing number of online marketing professionals have been turning to the use of WhatsApp for the enhancing the growth of client business. This rising popularity of WhatsApp as a preferred marketing tool has resulted due to various reasons. To begin with the app is absolutely free, which makes it an extremely cost effective option for business promotion. Moreover, app makes it possible for business organizations to communicate with their customers directly and in real time. But most importantly the widespread usage of the messaging app makes it possible for the businesses to reach out to a greater number of target audiences in a simpler and more effective manner.

Tips To Use WhatsApp Marketing In An Effective Manner

Discussed below are the most effective tips for enhancing WhatsApp marketing strategies for getting desired results in a cost effective manner:

1. Setup Friendly & Engaging WhatsApp Brand Persona

In order to ensure effective customer engagement, the digital marketing agencies need to create an interesting and engaging WhatsApp brand persona for their clients. It is important to understand that most users don’t like to chat with impersonal company names. Rather businesses can try engaging the customers with their real customer service executives. These executives can respond to the customer requests, queries and even grievances at any time of the day making the interaction more personal and realistic.

2. Offer Great Value to Users

Since, WhatsApp is set to remain ad free, the only way for digital marketers to build a strong user base is by offering something of great value to them in exchange for an invitation of contact. This might include offering a promotion, a freebie, a free service or even valuable information. Such offers should not be provided only at the time when the users chose to share their contact information with the business representative, but should be repeated after frequent intervals of time.

3. Always Provide Relevant Content for Free

WhatsApp is known to offer 70% engagement rate when used in a proper manner. The proper usage includes offering the users on the phone list free information about things that are relevant for them. Here, the digital marketing professionals need to understand that not only should the information offered be accurate and appropriate but it should also be interesting enough to rouse the curiosity of the users. Using irrelevant and uninteresting content can lead to the users blocking the business representatives or even severing all contact.

4. Provide Prompt Customer Service

It has already been established that digital marketing services providers can help businesses to establish direct and real time contact with the members of the target audiences. While this might open up countless avenues of opportunity for a business it also makes them responsible for providing prompt customer service to the clients. This essentially means responding to client queries or even complaints in a fast and satisfactory manner to earn their trust and loyalty.

5. Maintain Ample Focus on Consumer Research

The vast amount of data and information that digital marketers can obtain from WhatsApp can help them to do some quick research about customer behaviour and expectations. In fact, the messaging app provides an easy to use, inexpensive and quick platform to run some quick research. This can help them to improve their marketing strategies besides developing the most effective ways to reach out to a larger number of prospective clients. It can even prove effective in generating good leads without restoring to unacceptable and unethical methods of WhatsApp spamming.

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