Mobile applications reach users through app stores or app marketplaces. And, the success of mobile apps can be weighed by its downloads, which is something that is majorly dependent on app store optimization. You can run multiple marketing activities to promote your mobile application, but the actual downloads only begin when the app stands out in the app store.

By partnering with leading digital marketing services, you can improve your mobile appโ€™s performance on app stores. Here are the five most effective tricks for app store optimization that can increase the conversion rate of your mobile app and make it popular.

#1 Add App Descriptions to Titles

To start off, develop a title that describes the app in a better way. Mobile application titles can be a combination of the brand name and the description of the app. The brand name would be the name of the developer or the application. The description would include a couple of targeted keywords that best-describe the applications, its uses, or the services it offers, and its benefits. When you associate the brand name with such descriptive titles, the conversion rate increases significantly.

#2 Make Descriptions Short

In the description section, you need to make use of minimalist writing. On the Google Play Store, a mobile app with a long description does not hold the interests of users. It lowers the engagement, failing to please users with its first impression. If the descriptions are short enough, then more than half of the users would not mind reading it completely. And, after investing their time reading the description, theyโ€™d surely consider downloading the app to see how if it works as described. Short application descriptions also help users catch the most interesting features of the application in a single paragraph or some bullet points.ย ย 

#3 Use Horizontal Screenshots

Splitmetric testing (A/B testing) shows that mobile applications with horizontal creatives have a higher conversion rate than those with vertical creatives. The panoramic previews of an application provide a better appeal to users. If you develop application screenshots in a landscape mode, it adds an organic feel to the app store product page. It also improves the ranking of a mobile app on an app storeโ€™s search results pages.

Horizontal Screenshots

#4 Add More Screenshots, Less Videos

Having videos on your app product page is not always good for conversion rates. Users are less interested in watching 4-minute videos and more interested in seeing how the app looks like. Screenshots can help users understand the UI of an app, which can compel them towards downloading the app. If there are multiple screenshots, the users can quickly make a decision on downloading the app or not. But, if there are multiple videos, then the users feel less interested in using the app. Unless itโ€™s a gaming app, where the conversion rates are higher if there are cool videos to show the look and feel of the game, prefer having several screenshots and not more than one video on your mobile app product page.

#5 Disable Ads in Store Videos

In the Apple App Store, there is a growing trend of downloading apps that are burdened with ads. Premium mobile phone users do not prefer apps that have several ads running in between. Similarly, theyโ€™d hate to have display ads on the applicationsโ€™ store videos. Disabling the ads on the app store product page videos is a good move to improve the conversion rates, particularly on the iOS platform.

These five simple tricks can optimize your mobile application for any app marketplace or app store. You can also test these tricks before implementing them before the appโ€™s actual commercial launch.

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