Competitive Global MarketplaceThe current market scenario in terms of content is rife with cut-throat competition, especially when it comes to global marketplaces. When companies offering digital marketing services work towards building a niche, adept and dynamic content marketing team, they practise the following steps to make a tangible mark in the global market.

Envisioning Core Team Values
Before you start gathering members to build a content marketing team, put certain ground principles in place, as this will help you go about the process in a concrete manner. Are you looking for individuals who think out-of-the-box, or do you prefer writers who adhere strictly to industry norms? Also, decide whether you want your team to be comprised of in-house writers, remote contractors, freelancers, or a mix of all three. Go for individuals who cater to your parameters and do not compromise with effort and diligence.

Evaluating The Cost Of Talent Pool
The cost of freelancers and remote workers vary in terms of skill and geography. In some locales, it is hard to find affordable local talent. For instance, an SEO services company in Gurgaon may look towards hiring remote workers not based in Gurgaon who can offer cost-effective services and showcase a professional success rate of at least 90%. Evaluating the overall cost of talent pool will help you proceed to the next step.

Appreciating In-Person vs. Remote Differences
While hosting brainstorming sessions on Skype can be fruitful, it has its limitations. When it comes to virtual meetings, it is difficult to pick up on certain nuances as it lacks the charm of a face-to-face interaction. Keeping the above in mind, hire in-house individuals for jobs that require close and constant teamwork and collaboration. You can hire remote workers for profiles that do not heavily rely on cooperation with the rest of the team.

Providing Intensive Training
Intensive training is essential for continuous growth. It is imperative for every team member to have a thorough understanding of their profile and responsibilities. Hold individual sessions with writers to impart information regarding market climate, the kind of content that is expected of them, why certain perspectives need to be adopted, and the kind of target audience that needs to be kept in mind. Then on, orchestrate a team meeting to explain the overall cycle of work, along with a list of tentative topics to be covered and tools to be used. Feedback and suggestions are an important part of the training process, hence be sure to address them at the end of each session.

Implementing Optimized Content Marketing Process
In case you are aiming for multilingual content, you can focus exclusively on localisation and promotion. Maintain a consistent translation of key market terminologies and adopt a tone that strikes a chord with the target audience. Contextualisation is an important part of any content marketing process, and a writer can accomplish the same by garnering an understanding of the end goal, along with the target audience, queries, and keywords.

Promoting Content
The promotional process should be well thought-out – you might be churning out the best content in the market, but if it does not reach the right audience, all efforts shall go to waste. Choose platforms wherein your target audience is most likely to engage. Take the help of online tools and influencers to maximise your reach. Localisation is crucial – for instance, if you are promoting B2B content in Germany, you will be able to garner a greater response if you post it on Xing rather than LinkedIn.

Documenting The Cumulative Process
Each step of the content marketing process should be monitored either via spreadsheets or email databases. Fix a turnaround time for every process and use apps to track the progress of content production, proofreading, and dissemination. If you are indulging in localisation processes, calculate the monthly costs for translators, along with the ROI on localisation investment.

In conclusion, building a talented and process-driven content marketing team will help you garner spectacular results and establish your identity in the competitive global market. The trick is to remain flexible enough to quickly adapt to dynamic trends and have a fool-proof, well-defined end-to-end process in place.

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