E-mail MarketingE-mail campaigns are often underestimated and considered to be completely ineffective. However, e-mail campaigns can prove to be a potent marketing tool when used in a proper manner. A prominent digital agency in Delhi NCR would employ e-mail marketing due to its cost-effective, convenient, creative, and flexible nature. While it can be challenging for businesses to grasp the attention of their target audiences via e-mails, here are some ways in which one can execute successful campaigns and reap immense profits:

Be Creative
One needs to introduce an element of creative panache through the use of engaging content and attractive images. If your content is lacklustre, your target audience will definitely not remember your e-mail, or worse, chuck it in the Junk folder or unsubscribe. Hence, you must think outside the box in order to retain the attention of your potential customers, even if the conversion rates are not too high.

Focus Less on Promotion and More on Engagement
A sizeable number of companies end up making this error – they focus on bombarding users with promotional e-mailers and completely sideline the prospect of engagement. While it is okay to slip in a couple of promotional e-mailers once a month, one must keep in mind that engagement e-mails always make a greater impact. You can incorporate welcome e-mails, engaging visual stories, customer testimonials, etc, in order to keep your audience hooked.

Leverage Personalization
The days of standard, impersonal e-mails are over. When it comes to e-mail marketing, personalization is key. Personalized coupons, messages, and discounts fare much better than standard e-mails, allowing consumers to feel a certain sense of connection with the brand as a whole. This will not only help you garner a loyal customer base but also facilitate better click to conversion ratio.

Now that you are aware of these seminal pointers, here is a list of creative e-mail marketing campaigns that you can execute in order to drive greater engagement and sales:

1. Welcome E-mails
Welcome e-mails are paramount: these kinds of e-mails can be sent once a user subscribes or signs up on your app/website. Since this is your first interaction with the user, use this opportunity to make a favourable and memorable impression. While crafting this kind of e-mail, let your creative juices flow – be authentic, work towards establishing trust, and employ persuasive storytelling.

2. Company/Customer Stories
Agencies offering digital marketing services make it a point to incorporate e-mails that evoke compelling narratives. Use interesting company stories to your advantage for the purpose of establishing your core values/USPs over the course of time. If you do not have an engaging company story to tell, you can use wonderful user testimonials instead. This helps establish trust and credibility, and when such content is combined with striking visuals, the results are spectacular.

ย 3.Seasonal Campaigns
In addition to promotion campaigns, you should also incorporate seasonal campaigns for major holidays, such as Christmas, New Year, Valentineโ€™s Day, etc. The best strategy is to devise a build-up for these events, along with a follow-up in order to drive more sales. Sales during these holidays are generally at an all-time high, hence, sending out seasonal campaigns can definitely boost sales.

4. Abandoned Cart Campaigns
This campaign is a great way to gently nudge customers towards resuming shopping and picking up where they left. In case a customer adds an item to their cart and abandons the same without making a purchase, you can simply set a trigger to send an e-mail to the user, subtly reminding them to continue their purchase. You can add a discount coupon in order to encourage the user to resume shopping – a strategy that works 9 out of 10 times.

You can also use e-mailers to garner feedback from your users and work on the same for greater efficiency. The above-mentioned creative e-mail marketing campaigns will definitely keep your customers hooked and boost your sales in unprecedented ways.

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