SEO TrendsAs a result of the digital boom, there has been an accelerated rise in the demand for agencies that offer digital marketing services. The role of search engine optimization has assumed massive importance in the past decade as it serves to generate meaningful traffic to your website, blog posts, guest articles, and other content assets. Every SEO agency that is worth the money works with the best algorithm and cutting-edge practices to enhance client visibility. As per Forbes agency council members, here are 10 SEO trends that will shape the realm of digital marketing in 2019:

1. Voice Search

Voice search services, which include virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, make suitable recommendations based on organic search results. Optimising keywords as conversational phrases might lead to long-tail success. Attaining the top post position in ranked results becomes easier if one is able to match conversational phrases in an apt manner.

2. Video Engagement

The popularity of user engagement with videos has evolved into an upward-spiralling trend. Moreover, there has been a growth in the popularity of video content due to faster internet speeds, user-friendly social media, and personalised smartphone technologies. By 2019, this trend in user behaviour shall be widely recognised by search engines, resulting in companies getting rewarded, if they are able to cater to changing user preferences. Along with this, there will be vast improvements in video and image recognition by search engines.

3. Filtering Out Dubious News Articles

Fake news on social media has met with the onslaught of criticism, and many companies have had to bear the brunt for allowing fake news on their website. Content farms and scammers have figured out the system algorithm and marketed themselves as credible using dubious means. However, it is probable that search giants will further scrutinise content to prevent such errors in the near future. Apart from being lucid and well written, all content will have to be supported by credible sources.

4. Increased Focus on Structured Snippets

Initially, Google’s first priority was to deliver information to searchers as quickly as possible in the form of search rankings. Currently, Google delivers enormous amounts of information directly inside the SERPs with custom widgets and structured snippets. If your content has the potential of being top-ranked amidst high-volume search terms, you might deliver that information to the user without them ever hitting your site.

5. Google’s Mobile-First Algorithm

SEO experts have to keep up with the reality of mobile-first algorithm on Google. Now it is essential to review mobile ranking factors and adjust priorities. For instance, page speed is an official mobile ranking factor, which has resulted in a reorientation of SEO priorities.

6. Social Media Searches

There has been a significant increase in the use of social media platforms, such as search engines over the past few years. While search engines are important, they are gradually transitioning into a secondary platform. As this trend progresses forward, content will need to be optimised for social media platforms as well as search engine ones. One can use organic and paid targeting to avail added benefits.

7. Influencer Marketing & Link Building

With the rise of influencer marketing, there is a sure shot possibility of landing high-level links quickly and effectively for better rankings. One has to think beyond direct conversions, as this is going to be another way for marketers to procure links and increase site authority in a holistic way.

8. Awareness Campaigns

Advertising campaigns that involve print and television no longer have the reach they once did. On the other hand, awareness campaigns that use blogging, vlogging, and social media have emerged at the forefront. With the help of such campaigns, potential customers will engage with your brand, products, and services. While it can be risky to execute, it shall be wildly effective if done right.

9. Quality Over Quantity

For a considerable amount of time, SEO experts have believed that it is necessary to produce content all the time to attain satisfactory Google rankings. However, if you are attempting to rank for a highly competitive phrase, short-form content will remain ineffective. In 2019, businesses should focus on long-form content that is constructed carefully, coupled with an effective SEO strategy.

10. Rich Media Content

The 600-word minimum is no longer applicable for content. Rich content trumps long content, and it is interesting to combine different kinds of media, such as pictures, videos, or infographics, for maximum impact. If your content is strong and aligns with audience interests, it will pay off in the long run.

Watch out for these SEO trends in 2019, and adapt accordingly to achieve greater professional heights!

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