Webpages are about many things, but the technicality that goes behind the surface is a complex matter. SEO practices have taken over the digital marketing sphere, and it is predominantly used to enhace search appearance. Over 50% of B2B marketers have reportedly believed that SEO generates more leads than other marketing strategies. This puts any SEO Agency in Delhi in an advantageous position.

As the number of websites increased, so did the need to understand how search engines typically work. For developing a search-engine friendly website, there are three basic processes that we need to look into. These are, respectively, crawling, indexing and ranking.

Ao, let’s get into knowing all three of them.


A search engine uses crawling to locate new websites, updates, pages, content and even dead links. Search engines have programs, better known as crawlers, spiders or bots, that follow a unique algorithm linked with the specific search engine that determines which site to look into and how often. There is a crawl budget for every search engine that any SEO Agency India must understand. It is the number of resources a search engine is willing to invest in crawling a single website.

CrawlingAs crawlers move through your web content, it gathers links and pages that they can go back to later when needed. The crawling process is further determined by the speed of your website and its value. For example, news or entertainment websites will have repetitive crawling, increasing the crawling budget. In the first crawling phase, the search engine only discovers the website. The second type of crawling is termed refresh, as it adds up all the changes made to an existing page or website.


After the crawling process ends, it gradually starts on Indexing. As mentioned before, crawlers are responsible for collecting the index by scouring all the words on a website, their location and page details. As the name suggests, Indexing is a digital database for millions of web pages.

IndexingThe content extracted during Indexing is stored, organized, and interpreted with a search engine algorithm and compared with other pages. These are stored in web servers from where the search engine accesses the website and presents it to the user in question. An SEO Company in Delhi NCR will have to keep all this in mind.

There is often a struggle with timeliness in the case of some content, such as news content. Indexing usually takes some time, and if you cannot wait that long, you will need to get the attention of the search engine. There are a few main ways to do this.

  • XML sitemaps are popular ways to attract search engines to look deeper into the content. The website can list its updates, additions, and modifications using XML sitemaps and send them out to the search engine.
  • Under the second procedure, you can simply request Indexing in the search console. You will need to enter your URL, and the search engine will automatically figure out whether the site has been already indexed or not.
  • There are other specific provided by specific search engines, which can be advantageous in such cases. For example, ‘Index Now’ and ‘Bing Webmaster’ are valuable tools to consider.

The ranking is the last and probably the most important and awaited segment. The entire work and reputation of SEO Services in Delhi NCR depend on the rankings they can deliver on behalf of a website. The search engine looks for certain keywords in the web content and try to find the closest match possible. Based on the accuracy of the matches, the search engine assigns a certain score to every website.

For a website to rank invariable, it needs to allow the search engine to crawl and index the website as fast as possible. If crawling and Indexing are not processed correctly, the website will have a lower chance of ranking.


The search engine optimization process depends upon two crucial things; quality of the content and requesting Indexing as soon as possible. Indexing helps commence the ranking journey; hence it needs to be done properly and on time. Since internet access became common, search engines have continuously updated themselves to align with the current trends. The main purpose of SEO is to discover new content and add them to relevant searches.

Despite SEO results taking more time to deliver than how it was before, their value has increased nevertheless. SEO Services India is riding on the same phenomenon to deliver the most optimal result for websites. The demand and growth for SEO work will not die down anytime soon due to the ranking and growth it can offer to individual businesses. And, it is ample reason to look into every aspect of search engine optimization.

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