SEO plays an important role in ensuring the success of online ventures and maximizing revenues through greater conversions. However, with Google modifying its search engine algorithms every year, marketing professionals need to change their SEO strategies accordingly to help their business stay on top. In this context, every top SEO agency stays abreast of the best practices and latest trends that would prove advantageous for their client business. Discussed below are the most important trends that SEO professionals need to focus on in 2020 and beyond.

Voice Search

In the past several months, voice search has gained much popularity and significance as an effective SEO tool. The trend is likely to grow in the near future as it enables users to conduct a search in the same manner as they conduct a normal conversation. Providing people with the freedom to search for data and information using simple voice commands has resulted in enhancing user engagement and satisfaction quite significantly.

Featured Snippets

Featured snippets provide a summarized answer to the search query of users. Even though this functionality has been around for quite some time, it is only recently that they have gained much prominence. The functionality makes it possible for the people conducting the search to ensure that their query has been properly understood by the search engine. They thus help in directing higher volumes traffic towards relevant websites as compared to simple organic searches.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers are people capable of impacting user decisions in a significant manner and involving such individuals in marketing activities is proving to be an effective SEO tool. This is mainly because influencers enjoy a global reach and can motivate the target audiences in favour of businesses more effectively and effortlessly. This makes it imperative for SEO professionals to pay much attention to this online marketing strategy that emerging as a highly beneficial strategy for generating traffic and enhancing business visibility and ranking.

Influencer MarketingVideo As The New King Of Content

Video-based searches have increased significantly over the past year making it one of the most important SEO trends to look out for in the near future. In fact, top SEO experts are of the opinion that people are more likely to opt for websites offering solutions to their queries in video format. The videos make it easier for people to gain the desired information in a faster and more interesting way. Moreover, with Google search engine giving preference to indexing videos, embedding them in webpages can help drive greater traffic to websites.

Content Of Longer Length Is Preferable

Content that offers detailed information about a search query is given greater preference by search engines. Hence, it is not surprising that the providers of SEO services in Delhi NCR are advising content creators to increase the length of their articles and blogs while maintaining its relevance. It is important for these professionals to focus both on the quantity and quality of content to gain top rankings in SERP pages. This is because such content is likely to provide satisfactory solutions to the primary queries of users besides satisfactorily answering any other related questions.

Mobile SearchMobile Search Will Continue To Grow

As the number of mobile users continues to surge, mobile search is also expected to see consistent growth. That is why mobile-first indexing should continue to be the key focus area for SEO professionals. They need to look beyond optimizing their client websites for mobile search and ensuring the development of responsive webpages. Integrating voice and video search and incorporating long-tail keywords and on-page SEO are just some steps that can be taken in this context.

Mobile SearchQualitative And Quantitative Data Analysis

Data is going to play an even greater role in enhancing user engagement and improving website ranking and visibility. It will help businesses to gain a better understanding of user behaviour and their expectations and preferences. Hence, having the right tools and strategies to ensure accurate quantitative and qualitative analysis of data obtained from various resources is the key to improving conversion rates and profitability.