Increase website traffic, generate unstoppable leads, witness digital growth, sounds familiar? Well, if it does, then the next big thing you probably need to know about is conversion rate optimization or CRO. The fundamental principles that CRO entails assure full-fledged user and website visitor escalation. So, before getting into any further details, let’s decipher the functionalities and benefits of conversion rate optimization for better practice and performance. 

In this article, we’ll try to address any questions you might have stuck in your head regarding the benefits of CRO and why you should utilize it on your website. We’ll also provide you with some useful resources to review before you begin your first round of CRO testing. So, let’s understand the key benefits of conversion rate optimization which you can opt for your business to make it stand out from the rest in 2021. 

What is Conversion Rate Optimization? 

Conversion Rate OptimizationConversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of maximizing the percentage of website visitors who perform desired actions on the webpage. Those actions can include- clicking on ‘add to cart’, signing up for a service, clicking on a link, subscribing, filling out a form, etc. The objective of opting for conversion rate optimization is to identify the best version that converts the best in order to drive sales and generate revenue for the business. A higher conversion rate means higher sales and brand visibility on search engines like Google. 

Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimization

Benefits of Conversion Rate OptimizationHere are some of the most essential advantages of adopting CRO on your website, all of which should be considered before embarking on a conversion rate optimization campaign. Keep on reading. 

You Can Make Decisions Easily Based on Data 

Prior to CRO, if you were thinking about changing something on your website, you generally did it based on your gut feelings. CRO eliminates the ideology of “I think” and converts it to “I know.” CRO enables you to make decisions based on data and facts rather than your gut instinct. You’ll be able to make better judgments in the future if you run A/B testing and evaluate the findings. 

Offers You Better Results 

Similarly, when you use CRO testing data to make judgments regarding modifications to your site, you’ll discover that you get better results from these adjustments. For instance, If you change the colour of a button because testing shows that 5% more visitors click on it, you will receive at least that 5% vs an undetermined number of conversions from changes made without testing. 

Generates More Revenue 

Let us tell you very precisely that you should not anticipate your CRO testing to generate lakhs of rupees in the first week or two. Instead, expect incremental revenue that will become apparent over time. CRO usually assists you in identifying modest areas of opportunity that will result in higher conversions and consequently generate more revenue over the months. For instance, changing the position of a form on a website may result in an additional two leads each month. This may not seem like much, but it is an additional 26 leads a year, intriguing, right?. And, if your lead closure rate is 10% and new customers spend an average of Rs 5-10 Lakh that can quickly add up! So, you can expect CRO assistance in developing long-term strategies to maximize your website conversion rates. 

Boost Brand’s Visibility with SEO 

Can CRO assist your SEO? Yes. Depending on what you test on your website, you may discover features that increase the amount of time people spend on your page. By doing so, you can decrease the bounce rates, which Google uses as ranking criteria. If your bounce rates decrease, you may be able to outrank your competitors. Eventually, if your website’s conversion rates improve, you may see a rise in your website traffic, engagement, and rank in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). 

CRO Allows You Test Securely
CRO Allows You Test Securely 

Before Conversion rate optimization, if you wanted to test something on your website, you had to install it, wait for the results, and then change it back. But gone are those days when you used to do it. Now, A/B testing tools allow you to test securely without installing anything that shows multiple versions to visitors on the go. 

Encourages You To Take More Risks 

Taking chances in online marketing is sometimes necessary. CRO can inspire you to experiment, take chances, and try new things. Moreover, A/B testing is now so safe and easy to regulate that your website experiences no damage or long-term impacts, which means you can test as much as you want without affecting your visitors or income. Since you can take these chances, you could also discover something unexpected or significantly increase the buying satisfaction of your website users. 

Eventually, It Helps You To Learn More About Your Visitors 

Finally, once you start implementing CRO on your website, you’ll discover that you learn a lot about your visitors, probably more than you ever have before. Knowledge is power, so before heading to optimize your website, you get a thorough understanding of your consumers. You will be able to figure out the visitor’s likes and dislikes. And eventually, CRO lets you understand what works and what doesn’t and helps you to improve conversions and boost your business. 

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