To generate sales, e-commerce businesses use various digital marketing techniques and increase their online promotional activities. Due to high competition, these activities can often fail to drive the expected success of an e-commerce store. To fix this, a digital marketing agency proposes an affiliate marketing plan for its e-commerce client.

With affiliate marketing, an e-commerce store can not only increases sales but also build a loyal customer base. Leading affiliate marketing agencies ensure that these online stores are able to make higher profits from acquiring new customers than awaiting more purchases from previous buyers.

These five tips can help an e-commerce store drive its business growth through affiliate marketing:

1. Multiple Size Banners

Being habitual and redundant in the process of affiliate marketing is not good for business. Your e-commerce store can make more money only when the affiliate marketing activities are able to reach the maximum number of customers. By designing banner ads in multiple sizes, a high number of platforms can run them. The standard size of banner ads in affiliate marketing is 300-pixel by 250-pixel. But, if a banner ad is designed in 728-pixel by 90-pixel size, it can find its place on leaderboards. You can also choose to use different materials and design more creative ads that work best for your targeted audience.

2. Popular Affiliate Programs

Creating an affiliate program and running it yourself can limit the business scope. It is important to have your products connected with the worldโ€™s largest affiliate programs. The costs of setup and overhead expenses entailing your own affiliate program are not going to translate to huge profits. It is wise to partner with an affiliate platform that knows your brand or your industry. These platforms can generate organic leads for your business. They can easily link a product and garner the interests of a large number audience in a matter of hours. Your chances of increasing revenue at a double-digit rate are higher when you partner with established affiliate programs.

Popular Affiliate Programs3. Reputable Affiliates Partners

Build partnerships is key to the success of an affiliate marketing program. An e-commerce store can strategically partner with top affiliates and get more profits from a vast, existing customer base. To ink partnerships with such affiliates, you need to send some samples of your products for helping them test among their customers. You also need to offer them commissions worth over 15% of the total cost. Eventually, youโ€™ll be able to team up with an affiliate that gives you high customer traffic every week.

4. The Power Of Mobile

E-commerce stores are developed for online shoppers, who primarily spend their time shopping over a mobile phone. Smartphones are the most influential gadgets in affiliate marketing. If your marketing plans are not in-line with mobile versions, then there is a low chance of your store getting success beyond expectations. When your marketing becomes prominent on smartphones, you are able to reach customers directly. Especially, during the holiday seasons, mobile-generated traffic can deliver great conversion rates.

5. High AOV products

Average Order Value (AOV) of a product is an important indicator of its performance in an e-commerce store. This value is useful to gauge the merchandising results of a product in a given period of time. The higher the AOV, the more successful the product has been marketed. So, you can build similar success when you select only the high AOV products to promote through your affiliate programs.

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