Why UTM Parameters are important for Your Digital Campaigns? Know Crucial Insights!

Do you often question if you are getting enough traffic from your promotional campaign or if ads on Youtube are a worthy investment? Get all answers through Urchin Tracking Module (UTM).

The next question that comes to mind is, what does UTM mean? UTMs are codes that occur at the end of a website link. UTM is the most leveraged method of tracking marketing activities due to its easiness and effectiveness. It enables you to track where the traffic is coming from to adequately measure each campaign’s and platform’s Return on Investment. 

Digital Marketing AgencyAn example to familiarise you with the concept of UTM: 


Usually, there are five parameters in the URL:

  1. Campaign Source: It helps to identify the source on which the content has been posted. In this case- Search engine.
  2. Campaign Medium: It helps to determine the type of media, such as a tweet, banner ad, email, etc. In this case- The blog.
  3. Campaign Name: It indicates the destination of the traffic, such as the name of a marketing campaign. In this case- UTM Insights.
  4. Campaign Content: It is the content of the campaign medium, generally used for A/B testing and content-targeted ads. 
  5.  Campaign Term: It allows you to track and note purchased keywords for the ad. 
Benefits of UTM for Your Digital Marketing Campaigns
Calculate The Return on Investment (ROI)

Digital Marketing Agency

Measuring the return on investment is vital in any marketing campaign. If you cannot measure it, your marketing efforts go down the drain. UTM codes help inform which URL has led to growth in your traffic and sales. It allows you to assess conversion rates, click-through rates, engagement rates and more, ultimately helping you see which elements in your Return on Investment are the most thriving. 

Guest Posting Effectiveness

Guest posting can be costly and time-consuming, making it critical to know whether the posts are garnering attention, and driving traffic to your website. UTM parameters help you to know from where the website traffic comes. 

Implement A/B Testing

UTM codes have a dual purpose, to track numerous channels and to find the most promising content for your site and social media accounts to get better results. A/B testing enables you to change one feature of your website or social media post to monitor how your target audience reacts and understand their interests. By attaching a UTM code, you’ll see the difference in the engagement rate. 

Improve The Social Media Marketing Strategy

A great concern for any marketer is to determine if the target audience enjoys their social marketing tactics. UTM monitoring helps solve this issue by determining the kind of content the audience prefers. By leveraging this, you can boost your social media marketing plan.

Monitor The Impact Of Influencer Marketing

Almost 93% of marketers have leveraged influencer marketing at least once in their campaigns. Marketers need to know the ROI of influencer campaigns. UTM helps them to measure the influencer’s performance and direct the marketer’s attention to successful campaigns. In addition, with the help of UTM parameters, it is easy to track which type of content gets the maximum number of clicks. 

UTM is a powerful, easy-to-use tool for tracking and monitoring digital marketing campaigns. It will help you evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and optimize your strategy to focus on the well-performing channels of marketing. Digidarts, India’s pioneering Performance marketing agency will help you.

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