PPC (pay-per-click) advertising has been one of the most effective ways for promoting a business online. In addition to being a highly cost-effective marketing option, PPC advertising also enables businesses to target customers when and where the likelihood of a positive response is high. It has been observed that the traffic generated by PPC advertising is 50% more likely to end in a purchase as compared to organic traffic. Moreover, well-designed and effectively executed PPC ad campaigns can increase brand awareness by as much high as 80%. Given the mentioned statistics, it is not surprising that PPC advertising forms an integral aspect of search engine optimization strategies for businesses today.  

Analyzing The Future Of PPC Advertising

Analyzing The Future Of PPC AdvertisingThere is no denying the fact that PPC advertising is an incredible way for companies to attract the attention of potential clients towards their products and services. However, like most other online marketing tools, PPC advertising has evolved significantly over the past several years and is likely to continue doing so. Today, online marketing professionals around the world are experimenting with new methods and avenues to attract and engage with new users and customers. With the rise of AI, automation, and AR, PPC platforms are leveraging these features to increase engagement and improve their ROI.  That is why every professional in a  digital marketing agency needs to stay updated about the emerging trends within this niche. This makes it easier for marketing professionals to develop the most effective advertising campaigns as per the prevailing best practices to maximize the benefits for their clients.

Major PPC Advertising Trends To Look Out For

PPC advertising is growing at a phenomenal pace and has become the preferred choice for launching or even boosting a business online. Given below are the brief details of some major PPC advertising trends of the future that companies should look out for to gain the best results.

Automation Of PPC Advertising

Even though the concept of automation in PPC advertising is not really new, the trend is likely to become increasingly popular in the future. Professionals operating in the niche are already considering the extensive use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to reduce the time spent on manual tasks. Automating processes will make it easier for the professionals to determine suitable ways to achieve desired objectives through each campaign. Moreover, it can help to identify performance issues of client accounts, optimize ads to ensure better conversions and calculate the best bidding strategy as per different objectives.

Growing Popularity Of Responsive Search Ads (RSA)

Responsive Search Ads is one of the most flexible search ad formats offered by Google. It enables the PPC marketing professionals to write up to fifteen different headlines and four descriptions, after which Google automatically tests suggested headlines and descriptions and based on its assessment, selects the best performing combination. Hence, it shares an appropriate message as per the searched keywords of the target audience. This trend can prove extremely beneficial for an SEO agency employing creative copywriters capable of writing compelling headlines, descriptions, and a solid CTA. The PPC professionals can also use the Dynamic Keyword Insertion feature to insert keywords in the headlines. 

Video Ads Are The Way To Go

Video Ads Are The Way To GoAccording to a survey, by 2022, 82% of all consumer internet traffic is likely to come from video ads. Video ads have the potential to drive huge engagement and increase conversions in the long run. This can be ensured by linking business products to video ads and incorporating Virtual Reality (VR) to provide real-life experiences. Additionally, PPC marketing professionals can consider converting long videos into multiple ads of shorter durations, both skippable and non-skippable types. The aforementioned facts justify why making video ads is an integral part of PPC marketing strategy and how effectively it undertakes a large pool of audience.

Memes And Influencers Are Vital

Memes And Influencers Are VitalUsing memes and influencers as a part of the PPC advertising strategy is gaining much popularity besides providing big benefits for businesses. According to the experts from a leading PPC agency in Gurgaon, these features help in making the ads more interesting and appealing for prospective customers. Moreover, they also help in engaging the target audiences at various key touchpoints and this, in turn, helps in creating greater brand awareness and visibility among the target audiences.

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