Digital Marketing – Why, What, Where, When and How?

Have you ever searched online for white shoes and later seen an ad on various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Youtube? Welcome to the world of Digital Marketing! It is a relatively new sphere of marketing that is becoming increasingly popular. Ever since there has been easy access to the internet, most of the audience is fond of using mobile applications for their daily lives. Be it, Google Maps to navigate routes or Netflix to watch shows online at any time, this apparent shift to DIGITAL is visibly noticed. As a result, marketers tapped into this opportunity and carved their way into digital marketing and advertising.

Digital Marketing agency

Digital Marketing is a process of using digital channels, tools, and technology to promote products or services and help businesses connect with potential customers. Marketers use online platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Google) to share/ upload relevant content that people can read or see, like blogs, podcasts, digital ads, social media posts, videos, and so on.ย 

Digital marketing includes everything from Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web Development, PPC, SEO, Branding, Marketplace Advertising, FB/ IG/ Google Advertisement and more. Nowadays, customers are so fond of digital channels that their first instinct to search for brands depends on digital media.ย 

A digital marketer drives business objectives, such as brand awareness, lead generation and conversions via various digital channels as needed. Digital marketer pays attention to different key performance indicators for each channel so that they can analyse the business performance across each media. For example, an SEO Expert would manage a website’s organic traffic by segmenting relevant keywords from the Keyword Planner and integrating them into webpage content and meta descriptions.ย 

There is a reason why most businesses are opting for digital marketing over conventional marketing. Digital marketers help brands reach a wider audience, target potential prospects (who are most likely to buy your product/service) and hold an accurate understanding of consumer behaviour for diverse businesses.ย 

Another reason in support of ‘why a brand should opt for digital marketing is that its cost-effective, data-driven and performance is measurable. You can gauge website traffic, optimize search, email, and display advertising campaigns, direct user journeys, and manage content development operations. In addition, you can examine digital marketing activities to determine what worked the best and what adaptations are needed to strategize better.

Digital Marketing agency

Digital marketing can work for any business in any industry, irrespective of the products or services your business offers. It involves creating buyer personas to identify your target audience and their needs by creating valuable digital content.ย 

If your business is B2B, your digital marketing efforts are likely to be centred around brand awareness and lead generation. And to accomplish this, your marketing strategy must attract and convert the highest quality leads through your website and chosendigital channels. If your company is D2C, the end goal of your digital marketing strategy is to attract people to your website and convert them into customers. Hence, it is important to focus on building an uncomplicated user journey; from the second they see your website till they make a purchase. Social Media Marketing is a lucrative tool for D2C, channels like Instagram and Facebook can help attract many prospective customers.

In a post-pandemic world, where consumers are accustomed to buying online, leveraging strategies made by Digital Marketing agencies is a wise choice for businesses. Digidarts is one of the best performance marketing agencies in India. It has 8+ years of experience, handling over 200+ brands in varied industries. If you are looking for a digital partner, contact them at +91-9910619355 and get a FREE Detailed growth strategy.

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