As far as we can remember, Twitter has been on a rampage to quite an impressive extent. ‘What’s going on?’, can easily be replaced by ‘What’s Tweeting?’, if social media enthusiasts had their way. All the spheres of life that linger in the public eye, find their way into character-defined tweets that have been breathing life into news, issues, gossip, promotions et al – for over a decade now. From celebrities to brands – all look up to the social media platform in question, in order to reap what’s best for business. So, what makes Twitter so impactful?

For starters, the daily active users of Twitter, surpass the value of 145 million. Amongst all the social media platforms that clutter our life, Twitter ranks fifth with respect to popularity. The aforementioned aspects are enough to bank the ambitions of your brand on tweets one-too-many. From B2C to B2B content marketing, the features that Twitter encompasses are nothing short of being rewarding. 

BusinessesIn order to derive the most out of the platform, digital marketing agencies are affluent in Twitter marketing strategies that enable them to cater to their client’s needs in an optimum fashion. In the marketplace, Twitter not only possesses the capability of building a brand, but also delivers when it comes to driving sales, gathering customer insights, and winning fans. Agencies and brands alike leverage on the fact that more than 500 million tweets are sent every day – that’s more than 500 million opportunities waiting to be seized.

Even after years of its inception, Twitter is a social media platform that continues to grow rapidly. Hence, in order to make the best out of it, here are a few marketing strategies for Twitter that shall enable you to formulate as well as execute an action plan that guarantees sure-shot success:

Audit Your Accounts

Brands, whether big or small, tend to have a Twitter account in today’s date. Hence, auditing your brand’s existing Twitter account is the primary step. You can conjure a checklist encircling the following (and collect information regarding the same):

  •         Is your Twitter account active or dormant?
  •         How often do you tweet?
  •         How many followers do you have?
  •         In a significant time, how many followers have you gained?
  •         What’s the engagement rate?

Auditing enables you to set a foundation to catalyse your brand’s performance on Twitter. Once you are all done, you can move to the next step.

Audit Your AccountsSet Goals

In the world of social media, you can only attain what you have set your eyes on. Hence, goals matter. A well-defined objective works wonders for your brand as it enables you to work in a particular direction, thereby relaying a positive impact. Whatever goals you create, make sure that they are specific, relevant, and time-bound. If you wish to derive sales out of a Twitter campaign, then push the keys in that particular direction and make it happen – in a given period of time. Time and situational constraints also enable you to measure your performance.

Master Hashtags

Mastering the art of hashtags solves half of your problems on Twitter. Never forget that it was Twitter that gifted the notion of ‘hashtag’ to the world of social media. Hence, once you become fairly acquainted with using hashtags, you can not only make your brand immensely discoverable on the platform but also derive engagement from the same. All you have to do is first, choose the right hashtags that are relevant to your brand from a list of generic hashtags, and secondly, create nouveau brand-specific hashtags that make you stand out and apart from the crowd.

Master HashtagsThe three primary aspects that we have already mentioned can be paired with the following strategies in order to derive optimum benefit:

  • Keep your Bio crisp.
  • Add your website’s URL.
  • Adhere to your brand’s guidelines.
  • Devise a content calendar.
  • Schedule your tweets.

Step on the right side of Twitter with the aforementioned strategies that shall enable you to make some noise via tweets – thereby spotlighting your brand in the Twitter-sphere!

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