Important Tiktok Stats Marketers Need To Know In 2020

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Since its inception, TikTok has been the subject of polarized reviews. While some labelled it as a social media wildfire, others shunned it as a cringy platform that lacked any form of material value. The debate encircling the aforementioned aspects continues to this date, and regardless of what the populous thinks of it, TikTok is one of the most appreciated players in the marketing world – the curve of its growth spikes with respect to time and there’s no stopping it.  

This is because TikTok has rather exceeded expectations from time to time, thereby proving that it’s the playground for influencers and brands alike. Within a period of two years, TikTok has successfully managed to associate itself with terms like virality, advertising, performance et al. Also, while becoming acquainted with TikTok, one must understand that the platform’s popularity stems out of ‘teens’, thereby moulding it as an app for Gen-Z. Statistically speaking, there exists no better platform to start advertising your brand – bearing in mind that what you are selling, aligns well with the needs of TikTok users.

TikTokOver the course of years, several attempts have been made to replicate TikTok – both in its appeal as well as functioning, but in vain. Although many such platforms exist and have also managed to gain ample attention, they have not yet succeeded to bask in the glory that’s synonymous with TikTok. Hence, if you stem out of a digital marketing agency, then it’s quite predictable that you and your team are looking forth to market brands on the social media platform in question. Developing any form of strategy concerning the same revolves around statistics. Hence, we present to you, a few TikTok stats that are vocal of the fact that this particular social media platform is THE THING that’s making the wheels of the online advertising world, turn at the moment.

Welcome to the Sixth Largest Social Network

Yes, you heard that correct. TikTok is on a spree of constant growth. With over 800 million monthly active users, the platform already dominates LinkedIn, Reddit, Snapchat, Twitter, and Pinterest. However, the platform is steadily catching up with social media giants who are ahead of it in the race – Instagram. WeChat, Facebook, and WhatsApp being some of many.

Guess the No.1 Downloaded App of 2020

Bringing 2019 in the picture makes us acquainted with the fact that last year TikTok witnessed around 738 million downloads – which in itself is a mammoth figure. As of yet 2020 has been a nightmare and we are bound to live it in lockdowns and quarantines. With most of the populous, all over the world, staying at home – time has transformed itself as an ordeal that needs to be disposed of. Hence, apart from working, studying et al, people are bound to get inclined towards aspects that draw them away from the reality transpiring outside – even if it’s for a little while. To this date, figures released are vocal of the fact that the TikTok app has garnered nearly two billion installs and owing to the fact that more than half of the year still lies in wait for us, those numbers are surely destined to rocket sky-high and beyond. If analytics are to be believed, this year, TikTok is destined to surpass WhatsApp, when it comes to being the most downloaded app.

India and TikTok

India’s relationship with TikTok is going steady. Nearly one-third of all smartphone users in India have downloaded TikTok – the aforementioned statement is in itself a digital marketing aficionado’s delight. With more than 120 million monthly active users, India accounts for 41.3% of the app downloads in February 2020. TikTok is more than a social media platform in India – it’s, in fact, a source of income as it holds prospects of branding, influencer marketing, virtual gifts, partnerships, and events.

India and TikTok

Nobody has realized the potential that TikTok holds in the Indian market as influencers and digital marketing agencies. It comes well-recommended for budding as well as established brands. The content that the social media platform in question churns out is synonymous with virality – and in today’s age, what’s viral sells like hotcakes. With five million daily impressions to its name, TikTok is en route to make a mark in the advertising game.

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