Linkedin BusinessLinkedIn is used by 94% of B2B marketers to distribute content, more than any other social media platform. People from almost 148 industries search for business-related content on Linkedin. Most of the fortune 500 decision makers like to spend their spare time on the platform. LinkedIn makes up more than 50% of all social traffic to B2B websites and blogs, hence digital marketing agencies leverage upon this platform for maximized results. A lot of other stats can be thrown at you to prove LinkedIn is great for businesses, but we hope you get the point!

It is hard to get engagement on LinkedIn since the tone of the social platform is professional and career-oriented. However, if you use the right mindset and apply some well-researched techniques to impress, your LinkedIn Business account could be buzzing with engagement and attention and help create a holistic community around your products/services.


Before commencing work with your business profile on LinkedIn, make sure you are ready with the answers to the following questions:

  1. Who should see your profile?
    Defining a set target audience and also who will promote your content? It should be narrowed down to a specific list of people who will always help share your content across the professional space and the specific type of audience you want to share it with.
  2. Why should they see your profile?
    What is the value you are giving to your audience? Why should they follow your business profile? What does the consumer get out of it?
  3. What keywords or buzzwords are you going to use?
    What is your page about, in a nutshell? If you had to describe your brand or your business profile in 5-7 words to attract a crowd, what would you say?

Setting Up Profile

Before you start sharing content, it is vital that you communicate through your profile and establish what you are about. Following are a few things you need to put in place.

  1. Make a customized URL; donโ€™t keep an obscure URL for the profile. This helps with continuity across various social channels.
  2. Formulate an effective, concise, and compelling headline for the profile.
  3. Use a profile picture; it acts as a visual depiction of your brand to the world.

Summarize Effectively

The โ€˜summaryโ€™ section on the LinkedIn business profile is a source of gold, in a manner of speaking. Itโ€™s the space wherein you can distinguish yourself; portray an image of yourself that you want the world to see along with your vision for a long-term legacy. All information about your background, current scenarios and the objectives for the future should be encapsulated in this section. Here are few pointers for an effective summary:

  1. The summary should be written in the first person.
  2. Express your values and how those are deployed in your work.
  3. Include your motivations and how they translate into the work you perform.
  4. List your specializations briefly, maybe something recent youโ€™ve been recently working on and/or exclusive facts about yourself.

Visuals Work

Studies show that 65% of people are visual learners. In addition to this, 52% of customers reported that a product video motivated their decision to procure a particular product or service. Agencies that offer social media optimization services understand the importance of videos in garnering engagement and reach. Over 80 billion videos are viewed every year, which gives you a lot of scope for content. Here are a few video formats you can try out:

  1. Short Videos – 15 seconds or less; highly direct, streamlined message delivery with a product lookbook sort of format.
  2. Event Videos – Sharing authentic, real-time event-based videos will humanize the brand and also have a deeper impact in comparison to scripted content.
  3. Interview/Introduction Videos – ย Videos interviewing experts, along with Q/A videos help showcase that youโ€™re deep inside the trenches of the industry.


Devise a way for individuals to get in touch with you whether it is via DMs (Direct Messages) or through an email, and always include an actionable CTA button. It will also be helpful if you go through the privacy settings.

LinkedIn business profiles can help streamline the product and services โ€œpitchโ€ and give it an effective humanizing effect. It can also help boost sales and establish the online presence of your brand very well.

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