Marketing Strategy

Marketing has always depended on directly talking to your customer โ€“ be it a business or consumers. Whether youโ€™re a new business just starting out, or an established one, you have to communicate with the target audience. But more and more companies are discovering that itโ€™s no longer enough to market B2B or B2C. The future of effective marketing lies in H2H โ€“ that is, in talking not just to the company as an entity, but in addressing the people actually making the decision to purchase your product. This is human-to-human marketing. This is, indeed, how the future of marketing is going to be.

Canย H2Hย take the place of pride in marketing plans once enjoyed by B2B and B2C marketing?

Itโ€™s important for businesses to realise that all marketing communications are created and received by people, not companies. And it is these people who will ultimately be deciding whether to buy your product or not. Why, then, shouldnโ€™t the messages be addressed directly to these people? Why shouldnโ€™t the message going out be warm, emotional and more personal โ€“ be conversations rather than just business communications?

Organizations are now focusing less on being pushy and adopting more persuasive selling strategies by talking relevant and real value to their customers. Web marketing is the way they are going, with person-to-person (P2P) marketing taking centre stage. Brand managers are increasingly realising the power that social media carries, and leveraging content to reach out to their audience in dramatic and effective ways.

What drives H2H marketing?

This is the age of digital marketing and social media. Customers both want and expect the human connection โ€“ they want personalized messages suited to the situation, as well as warm and sincere language. With the rise in social media usage, customers also expect faster responses through various social media channels. The human touch helps the customers to connect with the brand, and feel that they have a stake in its future.

H2H or inbound marketing focuses on finding out what drives customers to decide on a particular purchase. It helps companies understand their customers, and then create a personalized message that would touch them in the right spot. They can optimize their website content for a better user experience, keeping the customer at the forefront.

Such companies tend to draw more users to their website, and thus increase their chances of converting them into customers. And when a customer has a connect and a positive experience with a company, it builds brand loyalty and he is more likely to come back at a later date for a repeat purchase.

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