Creative Design for Social Media | Tips to Craft A Compelling Visual Story

Since time immemorial, humans have had a knack for aesthetics. Beauty and design have been a seminal part of our civilization, wherein countless individuals have dedicated their lives to creating things that are beautiful to behold. This, in essence, trickles down to graphic designers of today, who craft the aura and aesthetic vibe of companies offering social media marketing services.ย 

The best thing agencies can do for their brand is to create content that is not only visually appealing but also innovative in a way that grabs positive attention. How can one achieve the same level of detail in their social media content as in their print and digital marketing campaigns?

Let’s scour through these creative graphic design tips for social media content to make sure they’re captivating and have the elements to create lasting impressions.

social media marketing servicesย Work Towards A Creative Objective

One of the most important aspects of designing social media content is the objective you need to have. Setting these goals is critical to your success, which includes, the quality of the content, aesthetic value, and relevance to the audience. Figure out what you’re trying to do, and then make a story out of it, followed by finalizing the visual representation of that story, along with other elements.

  • Having a goal not only helps you design your social media content but also allows you to convey your message and present it in an engaging manner.
  • If you are trying to increase traffic on your site, as a web development company in Delhi, or usher in maximum engagement on your profile, then identify the same as the purpose of your post.
  • Make sure you know who your target audience is and look for competitors within your ideal target group. Before you ask questions, monitor your target group and make sure they are interested in your product or service.

Work Towards A Creative ObjectiveResolve Key Motivationsย 

In order to understand the project/objective better, it is important for the design team to address certain questions. Ask yourself the following:ย 

  • When it comes to desktop or mobile phone users, what platforms do they use and what kind of content do they like?
  • If you want to convey a message, how should you make your viewers feel, and how do you do that?

Once you know what you want to address, you should have a goal in mind before you start.ย 

Add Colour to the World

Colour is one of the most important aspects of design – apart from this, too much text, flashy images, or quirky font can instantly turn off your target audience. Since each colour holds meaning and appeals to certain psychological factors, use this knowledge to decide upon a colour scheme that conveys the emotions you wish to evoke.ย 

Colour is also important to create contrast and balance in your social media graphics – know what colours you’re using for your social media content, as it will be useful in guiding your audience through your story. If your colours don’t have enough contrast, they can bleed into each other. Be aware of how certain shadow pairings affect someone’s perception.

Add Colour to the WorldPlay Around With Text

Words can make or break the world. However, bombarding a graphic with text can often come across as clumsy and unattractive for your target audience. In order to resolve this issue, try and create a balance between text and typography. Remember:

  • While text is a sequence of words, typography is the visual component of the written word.
  • When creating a graphic for Instagram or Facebook, try to limit your text to one or two phrases.
  • You can also use delimiters between elements in your image.ย Play Around With Text
  • The point of social media is to get your message across seamlessly, hence make sure your text is easy-to-read. This not only creates a sense of coordination in your design, but it also works as a great way to communicate with others.
  • The legibility of your text depends, to a large extent, on colour and size, so it is best to use contrasts to highlight text.ย 

While these are some basic rule-of-thumbs for creative designers, one should always follow their heart when it comes to directing the trajectory of a particular design. The most beautiful of art often stems from the depths of our soul. Keep creating!

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