Marketers programme and execute successful strategies based on the essential Pinterest statistics. According to the expertise of a digital marketing agency in Gurgaon, these strategies play an affirmative role in the cumulative brand promotion and acts as a quintessential component of marketing.

Sometimes the shared social media statistics can be back-dated and irrelevant. So, to provide informative data on social media marketing services, agencies compile and disseminate relevant and latest stats accumulated from their analytically verified sources.

Below are the top 14 Pinterest statistics that help to measure up against the social media channels and beyond.

1. Pinterest is Ranked as the 14th Most Prominent Social Network Globally

Pinterest is Ranked as the 14th Most Prominent Social Network GloballyBased on the global active usersโ€™ data of January 2021, the popularity of Pinterest is more than Twitter. Still, the platform has significant competitors like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tiktok.

2. 459 Million-plus Monthly Active Users are Using the Pinterest

459 Million-plus Monthly Active Users are Using the PinterestAs per the year 2020 estimation, Pinterest hosts over 100 million active users. There has been a sharp 37% rise recorded in the monthly active users of Pinterest between  2019 and 2020.

3. The Increase of International Users has Grown by 46% Per Month in 2020 Alone.

As per the Q4 2020 Shareholder Report, Pinterestโ€™s growth is witnessed in many countries other than the U.S.A, like Germany, France, Canada, and the U.K. The number of international monthly active users has increased to 361 million by the year 2020. 

Informative Fact: In the U.S.A, the number of active users is 98 million, representing an 11% increase in 2020.

4. Q4 2020 has Witnessed More Than Doubled International Revenue

Pinterest has gained a large amount of ad momentum besides their global growth in user numbers. The company has earned a significant $123 million in the fourth quarter of its international revenue. In Q4 2019, the payment was $50 million only. More so, they plan to expand their presence in the existing global markets and plan to set their footprint in Latin America by 2021.

5. The Companyโ€™s 10-member Board of Directors has 2 Women of Colour

The company was sued for racial and gender discrimination, and now it is using stat to measure the demographics.

6. The Gender Gap has Been Narrowed by 60% Women at Present

The Gender Gap has Been Narrowed by 60% Women at PresentWomen pinners are more in number as compared to their male members.

7. 40% Growth of Gen Z Users Between the Year 2019 & 2020

Millennial pinners are 35% of the total users.

8. Pinterestโ€™s Ad Audience Includes Women of 25-34 Age Group, Which is 30.4%

Young women are the radically inclined users of Pinterest.

9. Holiday Planning on Pinterest Started Nine Months Early

Pinterest gives importance to seasonality and creates content to celebrate everyday moments/ trends.

10. Pinterest is a Positive Platform as Per 8 in 10 Pinners

However, in 2018, the company banned all the political ads.

11. The Last Year Pinterest Weekly Conversion Increased by 300% 

Pinterest has included numerous new features to boost the shopping experience.

12. Pinnersโ€™ Engagement With Product Tags is Over 70%

Pinners like to see straight product shots. According to social media marketing companies like Pinterest, campaigns that feature products acquire maximum drive sales.

13. Automatic Bidding is Half of the Entire Ad in Q4 2020

As per digital marketing agencies in Gurgaon, automated bidding can increase the companyโ€™s budget allocation systematically.

14. As Per Company Advertisers, Pinterest is One of the Most Reputed Platform 

Hootsuite helps people manage their Pinterest presence by using a single dashboard. It helps to create new boards, schedule, compose, and publish pins. They can pin to multiple committees to run all their social media profiles at a time.

Other Statistics That You Should Know:
  1.  Around 82% of people actively use Pinterest on their mobile.
  2.  Statistically, one billion videos are watched on Pinterest in a single day.
  3.  The percentage of unbranded searches is around 95% of the top-notch searches on Pinterest.
  4.  85% of the Pinterest users utilise this platform to plan new projects.
  5.  Advertisers have a broad scope to get exposure of around 200 million people on Pinterest.
  6.  The number of shopping ads on Pinterest is six times more in Q4 2020.
  7.  Collection ads are 6 to 18% of the total basket size.
  8.  The ‘new’ overlay text pins get nine times more aided awareness.

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