All the frequent social media users have observed possible post visibility patterns on particular social media handles. Well, thereโ€™s an algorithm these social platforms work on. As per the recent updates, Instagram has changed its way of recommending posts to its users. Now, the data-based Instagram algorithm decides what type of content the user shall consume. 

The new algorithm considers several aspects while showing something on the userโ€™s feed, namely, user interaction, time of active usage, content choice, etc. 

Here are the breakdown points on which the Instagram Algorithm acts in 2021. 

1. The Interest of The Audience:

Instagram Algorithm significantly works on the interest of its audience in todayโ€™s date. The tool analyzes its user interest based on the response collected. It means a person interested in a particular brand or item will encounter relatable content in future. Thus, the tool limits organic viewing of a brand’s content.

The interest of the audienceOn the flip side, a brand can still consistently fashion a particular theme to match the taste of their audience and enhance visibility. They can initiate market research on the items, customers show their affinity for. It will assuredly help the brands to offer relatable content to their audience.

2. Relationship with the Viewer:

The relationship of a viewer with an individual decides the visibility of a post. The Instagram algorithm analyzes whether particular people follow each other or the frequency of interaction between them before making content suggestions. 

Relationship with the viewerFor a brand, the condition is dissimilar. Even though there is no mutual following between a customer and a brand, if an audience frequently engages with the brand’s video/ post/ product; the Instagram algorithm will suggest similar content. Hereby, the brand owners need to keep in mind that interactive content is the key to increase visibility. 

3. Timeliness:

Timeliness is another factor that Instagram’s new algorithm considers while showing any post. Not only for Instagram, for any other social media timeliness, is also a crucial factor. The latest posts pop up more often on the timeline than the older ones. The reason is that newer posts get a higher visibility rank. Therefore, it is always better to share trend-related content. It allows a better scope of acquiring more audience. 

4. Other Factors:

Other specific factors that affect the visibility of a post. For example, if any follower frequently uses a particular social media or online site, they have more chances to see the post there because of constant usage.

How to Work with The New Algorithm?

Experienced people from digital marketing agencies or social media marketing services have already figured out how to work with the new algorithm. However, for inexperienced brands, things may sound tricky.

Here are a few tips for them on how to use the new Instagram algorithm:

  • The brand can post carousels with more details of the product. This will increase audience engagement.
  • The brands can concentrate on their hashtags as better hashtags give better opportunities to reach the audience.
  • The brands must post consistently to reach more audiences.
  • The company shall use more features like stories, reels, and other features.
  • The brand must upload public interest posts so that the audience connect well.

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