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Building a strong presence on Instagram is essential for businesses seeking to expand their audience reach and build their brand value. However, once businesses set up their profile, they face the next big challenge of deciding what to post on this popular social media site to get the best audience response. Discussed below are 15 highly creative and engaging ideas suggested by experts providing social media marketing services to help businesses generate a steady stream of Instagram content.

1. Styled Product Images

Creative and unique images form the core of any Instagram profile, including those created by business organizations. Sharing visually interesting and stylish product images helps keep the followers engaged.

2. Ideas About Unique Product Usages

Companies can also use their Instagram profile page to share information and ideas about unique ways to use their products. This is a definite way to pique the interest of existing followers and gain new ones.

3. Provide Updated Sales Information

Instagram provides an easy and cost-effective way for business organizations to provide updates about the latest sales information. In addition, the social site can also be used to announce special sales promotion ideas.

4. Information About Milestone Celebrations

Companies can also use their Instagram accounts to share information about the celebration of business milestone achievements.ย  These might include achieving established sales figures or the anniversary of business setup, etc.

5. Upload Unique Customer Images

Business organizations may ask their customers to share unique images related to their product or brand. These images can then be uploaded on the Instagram page to help motivate and engage audiences.

6. Organize Contests For Followers

Business organizations may choose to start contests for their followers to attract new customers. These contests can be promoted using photos and video links to help the followers better understand the contest.

7. Upload Images Of Founders And Teamsย 

By uploading images of business founders and teams of employees helps businesses to associate a human face with their brand. Sharing behind the scenes information with their customers strengthens their sense of trust and reliability.

8. Employee Appreciation Images

Sharing information about employee appreciation and recognition helps in enhancing the employment brand value of an organization. This can also help in boosting the morale of the workforce and reflects the organizationโ€™s team-building efforts.

9. Updates Of Events

Updates of any events being organized by the company can prove to be interesting content for uploading on Instagram page. The updates provide instant and reliable information about the event to interested followers.ย 

10. Throwback Images

Throwback Thursdays and Flashback Fridays are becoming a popular choice for content to be posted on Instagram. Companies can go a step further by posting images related to some historical aspect of the company.

11. Seek Answer To A Question

Asking questions is one of the best ways to drive engagement on the Instagram profile page of an organization. Seeking answers to questions helps companies invite the opinion of their followers for enhanced interaction.

12. Share A Joke

Constantly sharing serious and boring content may drive away followers of a business. That is why top social media marketing companies advice their clients to share entertaining and light-hearted content.

13. Engage An Influencer

Hiring the services of an influencer can help businesses present their Instagram page with a new perspective. These influencers can help in creating a hype about the brand and building brand awareness.

14. Develop Hashtag Based Content

Creating and posting content that is based on hashtags can help in creating brand awareness about a company. Such campaigns are easy to use and create and prove effective in engaging current and potential followers.

15. Create A Photo Collage

A photo collage representing the different aspects of a business is also an effective way to engage followers and enhance brand value and recognition among current and potential followers.

What are you waiting for? Follow these innovative Instagram strategies to become Insta-famous!

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