The Facebook algorithms often appear like a mystery. Don’t you agree? How does it feel, as a brand, when you go through those organic Facebook metrics that may not fit your brand’s profile? Well, by far, it’s evident that Facebook algorithms are pretty complex in understanding, especially on branded organic content.  

Decoding the Facebook algorithm has even become a daunting task for many social media marketing agencies nowadays. But fortunately, there is good news for you and the online marketers out there! Facebook recently has dropped a bunch of new information which are based on their new algorithm features. So, here we’re going to fill you in on some latest details about it and how it works in detail. Keep on reading.  

What is Facebook Algorithm? 

The Facebook algorithm basically determines what your users will see based on their liking and relevance, every time they refresh their feed. Facebook, on its part, reminds us that there are no single algorithms, but instead multiple layers of machine learning models and rankings that help predict which posts will be most valuable and relevant over time.  

What is Facebook AlgorithmIn simple words, Facebook rates each post then arranges them in order of descending interest for each user according to their algorithm. Posting engaging content will make you more likely to earn organic reach on Facebook. 

How Facebook Algorithm Works in 2021 

How Facebook Algorithm Works in 2021 The year 2021 for Facebook is all about making a transparent connection with its users about their information. But in order to boost your brand on Facebook, you need to follow certain algorithms that comply with various major elements. Have a look at some of them to digest a better understanding of how Facebook works in 2021.  

Aim For Engagement More than Likes 

Over the past few years, the Facebook algorithm has prioritized certain reaction buttons instead of a simple “Like” button. So, you need to target emotions like love, care, laughing, sadness, and rage. Also, try to engage with more people. Follow your competitors and watch what strategies they are opting for their business to boost them. If you are unsure which factors would resonate with your audience, try your hands on social media sentiment analysis.  

Post When Your Audience is Active 

Post When Your Audience is Active Believe it or not, recency is a key signal. The newest posts swipe to the tops of the news feed on Facebook, and if a user misses out on your post, there will still be a chance that users will watch your posts when they log in next on their profiles. Therefore, it would be best if you would follow the scheduling tricks. It means you need to schedule your posts to go live on the Facebook timeline at the best time for your audience.  

Reply Often to Your Audience 

Make a priority to build your engagement and connections with each Facebook user as your audience. But do you know why? Because according to the Facebook algorithm, it prioritizes posts from the pages/ profiles that a Facebook user has already interacted with in the past. This implies that improving your reply game is a must, whether you interacted with them on Messenger or replied to them in the comments section. Make sure that if a person is taking his time to show his love to your post, don’t miss the opportunity to make them feel loved too. Make them feel heard or inspire them with your upcoming posts.  

Go Creative with Facebook Stories 

You will be amazed to know that Facebook stories aren’t governed by the algorithm. But somehow it can drive traffic to your brand page on Facebook. According to a study by Facebook, it has been found that approx. 52% of users want Facebook stories that are easy to understand, while 40-50% want to see products and tips or advice. So, it’s time to unleash the creativity for your brand and make it heard.  

Go Live on Facebook 

According to the Facebook algorithm, going live receives 6x more engagement than posting the regular video. As stated, live video acts like feeding two birds with one scone at the same time. So, try to go live and showcase your brand to your audience and let them perceive better about your profile. You can also organize a ‘Question & Answer’ session with your followers to increase engagement on Live. 

Make Long Videos 

According to the Facebook algorithm, watch time and completion rate both play a crucial part in boosting a video on the news feed of Facebook. Making long videos keeps the users engaged to watch the whole thing. In simple words, the longer you make videos, the more people will show their interest. Thus, the Facebook algorithm gives more value to highly watched videos and will show them up in the relevant news feeds. 

Become a Favorite 

Did you know that Facebook has a feature where users can go to the settings and select whose post they want to see first on their news feed? The option is called Favorites! It shows the posts higher in your news feed which you have added to your Favorites option. Under this option, you can add up to 30 friends and pages and you will get better control over what you want to see first on your news feed.  

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