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In today’s digitally dominated landscape, Valentine’s Day holds global importance, spreading its influence through online platforms. Amidst this fiercely competitive environment, brands align with a  Facebook Advertising agency to craft strategic marketing plans to seize opportunities during this bustling shopping period.

As consumers explore the virtual marketplace, Swiss Beauty has aligned with us to unveil their Valentine’s Day fiesta. This time the calculative goal is to fine-tune their Valentine’s Day campaigns and ensure that their consumers glam up on this day of love.

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The V-Day Magic of Swiss Beauty

This Valentine’s Day, Swiss Beauty has unveiled a special promotion to celebrate love and beauty. Under the hashtag #PyaarSBHai, they are offering four enticing offers to their customers. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or your loved ones, these deals are designed to add a touch of glamour to the season of love.

  1. Irresistible Discounts: Buy More, Save More

They know how to make hearts flutter with their Buy More, Save More offer. Customers can avail themselves of a flat 15% discount on a single product when they purchase one item. The romance intensifies with a flat 20% off when purchasing two products. And for those who are truly enamored with them, buying three items earns a generous flat 30% discount. It’s a win-win situation where love meets savings.

  1. BYOB Kits: Crafting Your Perfect Valentine’s Look

For those seeking to create the perfect Valentine’s Day look, they have introduced two Build Your Own Beauty (BYOB) kits—the Galentine’s Look Kit and the Valentine’s Look Kit. In these kits, customers can curate their ideal makeup collection tailored to the occasion. 

  1. Flat 30% Off on All Kits: Love at First Sight

In the spirit of spreading love, Swiss Beauty is also offering a flat 30% discount on all kit purchases. This means that whether you’re opting for the pre-selected Valentine’s or Galentine’s kits, or customizing your own, you’ll enjoy significant savings. 

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  1. Blushing Beauties: Free Pouch with Blusher Bundle

Last but not the least, they aim to sweeten the deal with a delightful offer for blush lovers. Purchase three blushers, and receive a complimentary pouch to store your newfound treasures. It’s a charming addition to your makeup collection, adding both functionality and style. This Valentine’s Day, let your cheeks bloom with colour while enjoying a special treat from Swiss Beauty.


A lot of brands connect with the best performance marketing agencies to boost their revenue but apart from successful campaigns, the heart of selling a product on Valentine’s Day lies in connecting with people and offering something for everyone; this is exactly what Swiss Beauty is doing this year. They believe that everyone is beautiful in their unique way and want people to be the best version of themselves.

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