It is beneficial for social media marketing companies to know the social media demographics. It helps to better understand the market, like what the target audience is interested in and which social media platform they find more engaging. The best digital marketing company in Delhi ought to ensure that the demographics are well known to the marketers to produce acceptable social media marketing strategies.ย 

General social media demographics:ย 

  1. social media demographicsThe 4 billion milestones were exceeded for the number of social media users in October 2020.
  2. The users spend between 2 to 29 hours on social media platforms each day, which means that a user spends 15 % of his waking life being active on social media.
  3. The users from the Philippines spend the most social media time, 3hrs and 53 mins each day.
  4. Mobile devices are used by 99% of social media users.
  5. 55% of the total number of social media users is from the male population.
  6. Among all the social media platforms, Facebook maintains the highest rank in popularity among users.
  7. From September 2020 to June 2020, there was an increase of 2 million new users each day.ย 

General Facebook demographics:

  1. Facebook demographicsMore than 1.8 billion users are active daily on Facebook.
  2. It sees more than 2.7 billion users monthly.
  3. 66% of the daily active users construct Facebook’s monthly users.
  4. A typical Facebook user likes 12 posts, makes five comments, shares one post, and clicks on 12 ads every month.
  5. It is predicted that the number of American Facebook messenger users is likely to grow to 138.1 million in 2022 from 126.3 million in 2018.
  6. General Instagram demographics โ€“
  7. Instagram sees over 1 billion users log in each month.
  8. In 2020, over 854 million monthly users were analyzed to increase over 988 million in 2023.ย 
  9. Time spent by a user on average is 30 minutes a day on the Instagram app.
  10. The percentile of users who log in more than once each day is 24 %.
  11. Instagram stories are used by more than 500 million accounts per day.ย 

General Twitter demographics

  1. Twitter demographicsSeptember 2020 saw the number of Twitter’s monetizable active daily users increased to 187 million, putting social media marketing companies in a profitable position.
  2. The number of active users per month reached 353 million by November 2020.
  3. In the USA, 52% of the users log in each day, and 96% log in once a month.
  4. The number of Tweets is twice a month for most users.
  5. General Snapchat demographics โ€“
  6. Four hundred thirty-three million worldwide users are there for Snapchat.
  7. Each day Snapchat sees 249 million users.
  8. Snapchatters spend 30 minutes a day on average and open the app more than 30 times a day.
  9. A survey in 2019 says that 74% of Snapchatters in America use the platform. They use it to keep in touch with family and friends and 42% for entertainment.
  10. General YouTube demographics โ€“ย 
  11. More than 2 billion users globally.ย 
  12. More than 126 million unique viewers each month.
  13. On average, the viewers spend 17 mins and 22secs on YouTube per day, and the best digital marketing company in Delhi exploits this platform’s power.
  14. Each year sees more video content is being uploaded on this platform, and in 2019 it was recorded that around 30,000 hours of new video content was uploaded.ย 

General LinkedIn demographics:

  1. LinkedIn demographicsSeven hundred twenty-two million people, globally, are LinkedIn members.
  2. It is used by 40 million job seekers each week, and on average, three get hired each minute.
  3. 22% of LinkedIn members of the USA visit the site each day.ย 

General Pinterest demographics:

  1. The recorded number of monthly active users in September 2020 is 442 million.
  2. In the USA, 26% of the Pinners visit the site daily.
  3. According to the terms of usage, 98% of Pinners use it to try new things, 89% of them use it to regulate sales, and 85 % of them use the platform to realize a new project.

General TikTok demographics:

  1. Around 700 million of the global audience is evaluated for TikTok.
  2. The number of daily active users is around 14.95 million, and for monthly active users, it is approximately 62.8 million.
  3. It ranks seventh in terms of the most used social media platform.

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