Instagram stories have emerged as highly effective social marketing tools used by brands and businesses to grab the attention of their target audiences. With the stories offering even greater features to experiment with, online marketing professionals can make them more creative and interactive. Most top brands and influencers use these features to create really cool and awesome stories that inspire Instagram users to take a favorable call to action.ย  However, using the new updates and features can be somewhat intimidating initially, even for expert professionals from the best digital marketing company in Delhi. Given below are some tricks and features that can prove helpful for online marketing professionals in this context.

Hide Hashtags To Enhance The Aesthetics

Hashtags, locations, and user mentions can help in enhancing the reach of a brand among its target audiences considerably. However, the presence of these aspects in a story frame can give it a cluttered look. Thankfully, it is possible to hide hashtags and mentions etc, without impacting their functionality. This can go a long way in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the story and enhance their impact in terms of audience interaction and conversion.

Create A Solid Colored Background

The default gradient background offered by Instagram stories may not always seem appropriate for creating and sharing specific stories. Using solid color backgrounds can prove especially helpful while sharing a canvas with a drawing or some text to provide a better viewing experience. It is also possible to create a scratch card like effect to create buzz around an upcoming post or a campaign by revealing only bits and pieces of what is to come.

Explore The Different Font Options

Instagram stories offer a wide range of font options to choose from. This makes it easier for businesses to select a font that matches their brand and add a little more of it to their stories. Posting stories containing text written in their brand front makes it easier for businesses to make the posts discoverable for their audiences. This can impact audience engagement and conversion in a big way and thus help in enhancing brand profitability.

Choose The Right Alignment For The Text

When it comes to posting stories containing text, the professionals from every leading digital performance marketing agency, stress the importance of choosing the right alignment. Having properly aligned text gives the stories a more organized and professional look and enhances their appeal for the viewers. Some font styles in Instagram do not come with the option of left and right alignment and the text, in such cases, is center aligned by default. It is better to avoid using these font styles if the center alignment of text ruins the overall look and appeal of the story.

Integrate The Brandโ€™s Color Palette

Integrating the brandโ€™s color palette in their stories helps businesses to show off their personality in an impressive manner. Choosing the colors that reflect the style, tone and aesthetics of the brand perfectly can help in establishing its unique identity among the target audiences. Even if brands are unable to find their specific colors in the default color option, they can unlock the same by using the brush tool. They can open the color slider by tapping and long-holding any of the default color options and then selecting the custom color of their choice.

Share Multiple Question Stickers

The question stickers feature of Instagram has gained much popularity as it enables businesses to create more interactive posts. Using multiple question stickers in a single story makes it easier for businesses to seek advice from their followers and give them a chance to discuss their ideas or opinions. It contributes towards ensuring audience engagement at a much deeper level and also helps brands gain a better understanding of customer perspectives and expectations. However, since Instagram allows only one question story to be shared per story, online marketing professionals would need to create an individual story with a question sticker and the provision to share its response and then add it to another similar story.ย 

Schedule The Stories In Advance

Even though Instagram stories are supposed to be spontaneous, most successful brands schedule them in advance to get the best benefits. Scheduling stories also helps brands to use their analytics to plan, schedule and post at the most opportune time to reach the maximum number of target audiences more effectively.ย 

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