Visuals attract more attention than a casual wordy post. Therefore the marketing companies mostly choose audio-visual media for marketing than any other form. As the business scenario is changing, the ways of marketing are also evolving. Many organizations are seeking the help of digital marketing to reach more numbers of audiences. Social media has become an essential tool for marketers, and visual media like Instagram is not an exception. The companies can use highly followed influencers, catchy hashtags, engaging Instagram stories, trends, and challenges as useful online marketing tools. Moreover, the companies can directly interact with their customers through their DMs. The social media marketing companies may not think these are valid reasons to choose Instagram as an online marketing tool. Best Digital Marketing Company in Delhi considers Instagram to be an essential marketing tool with a chance of exponential growth in the future. Here is a list of 44 stats that can show why Instagram marketing and how effective it can be in 2021:ย 

  1. Digital Marketing CompanyStatistics from 2018 can show how addictive this social media is. A similar web report revealed about 500 Million daily users who were regularly logging in to their accounts. This number of users is going up every day. The users upload more than 95 million photos and 250 million Instagram stories as per the same data. It also showed that users spend an average span of 53 minutes on the app, which shows its popularity.
  2. The journey of Instagram is a remarkable one. It started on 6th October 2010, and precisely ten years later, social media marketing companies undoubtedly accept that it is a powerful tool.Instagram
  3. Since there are a few similar apps, Instagram still retains its position at sixth among the ten most visited websites earning a high engagement rate from the users.
  4. Recent data showed that only a few social media apps like Facebook, Messenger, and WhatsApp could only beat Instagram in user visits. As a mobile application, it has the rank of the application having the 4th most user engagement.
  5. Though it is a mobile application and pre-installed on most devices, the app’s Google query is quite impressive. It is the 9th most searched Google query.
  6. Though the USA is recognized for having the largest group of Instagram users, the percentage of Instagram users from the USA is only the iceberg’s tip. Out of the total users, 88% are out of the USA, including 120 million from India and 95 million from Brazil.
  7. The app is undoubtedly gaining more and more audiences as the internet’s connectivity is increasing. Data recorded 1billion monthly visitors on the app.
  8. The number of Instagram users from the USA is also growing. Moreover, there was an incredible growth of 8% recorded over the 3rd quarter of 2020. It helped the count of USA users to surpass 140 million.
  9. Only 14% of the US population adults have never heard about Instagram, which is comparatively significantly less for teens and young people using the app.
  10. The pandemic situation has positively impacted the growth of Instagram. The marketer expected a 5.2 % user growth in Western Europe regions in 2020, while the data shows that the user rate showed a galloping growth and reached 17%.
  11. Compared to other countries, Kazakhstan does not have many users. However, their reach is highest, a fair 72%, living behind Brunei and Iceland.
  12. As the marketer targets certain people, it is essential for them to know their possibility to reach their audience. The general audience shows an even gender ratio of 51% female to 49% male, which is a good reason for the marketer to choose Instagram as a tool.
  13. Though the social media platform does not allow children below 13 to access the application, the data shows that almost 5% of under 12 children are among the regular users. In comparison, the age group 9-11 contributes to the 11% of them.
  14. In 2020, it was seen that the average time spent on Instagram has increased by 4 minutes more than in 2019, and now the time is 30 minutes per day.
  15. As Instagram has various audiences, about 200 million people have shown their interest in business profiles and visited them.
  16. Instagram is a good platform for market research simultaneously as almost 81% of the users participated in the surveys and market researchers.
  17. Many organizations, irrespective of their sizes, choose Instagram for marketing because of the high number of people engaged in Instagram shopping. About 130 million people have tapped on posts related to shopping or marketing.
  18. Many social media marketing companies depend on Explore to make their brand familiar to many audiences. Data shows more than 50% of monthly Instagram users also access Explore.
  19. Though there are several forms of media, almost 11% of people depend on Instagram to know the news.
  20. Though the percentage is very narrow, Instagram has at least 1% of exclusive users who do not use other social media.
  21. Memes are engaging as content, and as per the record, about 1million Insta-post get tagged as memes.
  22. Many brands used their stories to offer exciting content to their audience. About 500 million account-holders regularly use Instagram stories.
  23. To add to the previous data, it is very satisfying for the social media marketing companies to find out that about 58% of people found out a product or brand to be interesting after seeing their Instagram stories.
  24. Moreover, more fantastic information reveals the very intricate relationship between sales and Instagram marketing. There is a percentage of 50% users who saw a product in the Instagram story of a brand and then purchased it.
  25. The Brand stories on Instagram have shown a fantastic completion rate, which is 86%. Sports brands have a completion rate of 90%.
  26. Instagram has been an easily accessible platform for many sellers. Data shows that 61% of users added the Support small business sticker in their stories in the first month of the application.
  27. For B2B marketers, there is a rate of 36.2% who choose Instagram as a research platform before buying or availing a service.
  28. Among those millions of users, there are many business accounts. On average business accounts, drop a post once per day.
  29. The users have also shown fantastic support to the business accounts. They have seen an average monthly increase of 1.46% in follower count on those accounts.ย 

Some other business-related stats of Instagram

  1. InstagramAverage engagement rate for business accounts โ€“ 0.96%
  2. Fashion and apparel purchase after influencer’s posts โ€“ 55%
  3. Percentage of people following at least one business account โ€“ 90%
  4. People showing interest after Instagram ad โ€“ 50%
  5. People viewing an Instagram ad, potential reach โ€“ 1.16 billion
  6. Instagram ad revenue (2020) – $18.16 billion
  7. Business accounts using ads on stories โ€“ 4 million
  8. 63% of people find mobile phone shot stories are more reliable than studio ones.
  9. Text stories have a 75% chance of getting more success than stories without text.
  10. A Young audience for Instagram ads โ€“ 83 million
  11. Stories with a call to action have an 89% success rate than other ads
  12. Most popular Instagram content โ€“ How-to videos/ tutorials
  13. An IGTV video is four times bigger than an Explorer Image.
  14. Number of languages for IGTV automatic caption โ€“ 16
  15. Instagram NFL reels are 67% more fruitful to engage audiences than other videos.

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