Facebook is a company that builds technologies to connect people with friends, family, communities and also to develop business. According to Facebook “We believe in the potential when they can come together.”  

The evolving Facebook has always maintained its popularity among the users. People are signing-up on Facebook almost every day. Facebook is the world’s biggest social networking platform so far. There are specific updated statistics that substantiate it as a massive ground for marketers to follow in 2021. The factors of the statistics are: 

2.74 billion Active users in a month

2.74 billion Active users in a month

Over the years, the demands and the percentage of active users of Facebook have always increased. Recently, Facebook has come up with a market platform for marketers to reach various customers. 

World’s third-most visited site

Facebook ranked third after Google and YouTube as the most visited site. The users make it a point to open and scroll the site at least once a day. On an average, users spend 34minutes per day using Facebook. 

World’s second-most downloaded app

World’s second-most downloaded app

Facebook is found in any phone or device for easy access. It is a user-friendly app. If one does not have it as an app, it is opened in web pages. It has firmly proved its visions correct as it has successfully created one world through the Facebook connection. 

80.5% of the users access Facebook on Android. 79% of the users open Facebook on their mobile. When you plan to post an ad on Facebook, get in touch with the Best Digital Marketing Company in Delhi to do justice to the ad. 

59% of the world’s social networking population

59% is not a matter of joke. So it is more than half the population being in one social platform. 

More than 50% of employees are male.

User statistics as per gender

With the trend of women employment increasing, Facebook is also providing opportunities to women. 2014 Study says 69% of the employees were male whereas presently it is 63%. 76% of the male employees handle the technical roles on Facebook. 

It is studied that 57% of Facebook is male and 43% is female. 32% of the users are between 25 to 34 years. 23% of the users aged 18 to 24, 5% of the users aged 17 and below, and only 4% of the users are 65 and above. In the U.S., 95% of the population over age 12 is well acquainted with Facebook. 

Facebook users are more in India than in the U.S.

1, 90,000,000 of the U.S. audience use Facebook whereas, 310,000,000 users in India. The majority of the users are Non-Americans. The fastest-growing popularity of Facebook is in the Middle-east and Africa.

Facebook is still growing its popularity in Europe and North America and experienced a growth of 8.7% globally in 2020. In the meanwhile, it is losing its users from various other countries too. 83% of the Canadians have a Facebook account.

Privacy issues in Facebook

Privacy issues in Facebook

The percentage is less in not trusting Facebook when it comes to privacy concerns. 53% trust Facebook whereas, 47% do not. 

Facebook has created an online market.

During the pandemic, the usage of Facebook is spiraled high. E-marketers have successfully created the market online on Facebook, where the users tend to spend more than before. 

News is no longer new on Facebook.

Users are highly aware of the News category on Facebook, and 18.36% of the users read news from Facebook whereas, 36% of the people get news from Facebook. This is said to be the highest percentage among social networks. Facebook is a brilliant platform to announce the launching of any product or collaboration. Many people get to read the news at the same time. 

When you plan an ad on Facebook, make sure you contact any of the Social Media Marketing Companies to serve your purpose as that would highlight your company. It is noteworthy for the marketers to consider these factors about valuing the network as a formal ground to announce the product. Considering the statistics, you must contact the Best Digital Marketing Company in Delhi to make sure the news reflects on your followers’ page, and they follow it.

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