Mobile App Marketing TrendsTrends keep evolving on a yearly basis, and the same can be said about marketing trends – top marketing companies in Gurgaon attain growth and competitive edge by keeping abreast of current and upcoming marketing trends. Mobile app advertising has gained traction over the last decade or so, hence, it is vital to stay updated regarding the trends that dominate this realm.

Mobile entrepreneurs and marketing companies often swear by the motto: โ€˜go mobile or go homeโ€™. The primary objective of mobile app marketing trends is to achieve meaningful and exponential growth while fulfilling consumer needs. As per a report by Gartner, 90% of consumers use their mobiles for any kind of online activity – ordering groceries, reading articles or watching movies on weekends. Here is a list of mobile app marketing trends you cannot ignore:

1. Influencer Marketing for Maximum Capitalisation

Currently, we live in a world wherein social media platforms play a salient role in transmitting information and promoting a range of products and services. The role of social media influencers has come to emerge as a vital one as they have the power and privilege to sway public opinion and perspectives.

Major brands are collaborating with top influencers of respective industries for marketing purposes, which is popularly known as influencer marketing. This marketing strategy is still in the gestation process and is yet to achieve its full calibre. Here, the brand hires an influencer to spread the word about their businesses by reviewing products and services via videos, testimonials, posts, or blogs.

2. Awareness of Fraud Protection

Digital frauds are rampant these days – everything on the internet is not authentic, and many websites rely on fake news and clickbait for garnering views. There have been innumerable incidences of data compromisation, security breaches and hacking, which warrants an increased awareness of fraud protection for mobile apps. All mobile app users deserve a guarantee of secured services that is bereft of potential risks. 2019 will witness awareness regarding the use of fraud alerts and security freezes, and how to deal with compromised data and identity theft.

3. Simplified Marketing Ecosystems

The market ecosystem will surely evolve in the near future, and will not revolve around a single aspect of marketing. Smartphones are gradually evolving into devices that offer solutions for almost all problems, ranging from healthcare to dining. Businesses need to focus on targeting users with customer-centric marketing strategies that will allow them to bridge the gap between the company and the customer.

4. More Customer-Centric Approach

An effective marketing strategy is one wherein a personalised, user-targeted approach is implemented and can be achieved by using the STP model. Short for segmentation, targeting, and positioning, STP is an approach that is gaining popularity as a modern marketing tactic. This comes in handy during marketing communication plans and helps prioritise propositions to engage with user bases. STP is extremely relevant in terms of digital marketing, as it can create authentic and effective digital communication using an audience segmentation approach.

5. Dynamic & Engaging Ad Formats

Advertisements are the ultimate source of revenue for various online businesses. Hence, ad formats play a vital role in mobile applications, in the form of content, video, social, display, and search ad formats. One needs to choose ad formats wisely in the near future, as ad formats are required to be more interactive, dynamic, and engaging. As per a recent report by Smart Insights, video, social, and display rank as the primary digital ad formats that witness the highest annual growth. Artificial Intelligence will also play a key role in ad formats via personalised integration.

Look out for these trends in order to remain at the top of your marketing game in 2019!

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