App Engagement OR App Downloads, Which is Important

APP EngagementIn the present scenario, the mobile apps and Mobile app advertising have become one of the largest sources to get traffic towards your business. As most of the people are using Smartphoneโ€™s to access the internet, the mobile apps have opened new opportunities for the business owners. By introducing an app for your business, it becomes quite easy to engage the attention of more users and pursue them to show interest in your business. But mere downloading the app is not enough. It is because if the app is not engaging people will not try it again and also uninstall the same. Thus the uninstall rate will increase thereby affecting your reputation in the market.

Downloading is necessary in order to lay the foundation of your business but app engagement is more essential and the business owners should focus on the same. With app engagement, you can definitely keep the users engrossed and they will automatically come back to you whenever they require your services. So you get repeated business from them thus increasing the sales and the ROI.

But how to keep the audiences engaged. This is surely an important concern as you need to concentrate on the app engagement. Here are the simple ways that you can integrate in order to keep the people engaged.

  • Firstly it is necessary to understand the behaviour metrics which include the mobile devices your customers are using, which operating system is mostly used by them or at which hour of the day they use the app and lots more. Such question will help you to create the app accordingly and ensure that people love browsing it.
  • You need to focus on the people who download your app and use it. Find out how many times they use the app, whether they are satisfied or not, do they find it easy to use and other related questions. Such an insight will prove beneficial in adding more features to it and thus improving the overall experience of the users. You need to ensure that you do not lose customers and for this the right engagement is essential.
  • Analyse carefully for how much time your customers stay off the app and what they do. Understand this aspect and make sure to remove all the flaws that are faced by them. In this way, the users will spend more time on the app and engage in the purchase as well.
  • Monetization is surely the first motive of introducing the mobile app. For this, you need to track the user conversion rate and in case it is going low, find out the root cause and get rid of the same. Ensure that the traffic is converted into sales as this is very crucial for the progress and sustainability of any business.

If you focus on the above fours aspects in the right manner, there are high chances that the results will be mind-blowing and people will enjoy using your app. App engagement is truly necessary than just app download and you need to understand this.

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