App Store OptimizationJust like webpages, apps need to gain better visibility for ensuring that they can be easily found by users within the app store. In order to attain this objective, it is important for the apps to meet the app store ranking criteria for better discoverability and top rankings. That is why it has become vital for digital marketing professionals to focus on boosting the app marketing strategy to get top rankings for their client apps. This is made possible through app store optimization (ASO) techniques that aim to improve the discoverability of an app through a search within Appleโ€™s App Store and Androidโ€™s Google. Discussed below are the 6 most effective ASO tips that digital marketers will surely love.

1. Learn About Customer & Competition

Having an in-depth understanding of the customers intended to use the app as well as the competitive landscape within the app store is critical for ensuring the success of the app. The app designers and marketers need to be aware of the preferred language of the app users, their top reasons for downloading the app, as well as their opinion about the app. The marketers also need to access the keywords being targeted by the competitors, their own competitive advantage and the benefits of targeting same keywords or even the less obvious ones.

2. Be Sure To Follow The Official Guidelines

App store optimization is not possible without considering base level compliance with the store guidelines. Both App Store and Google Play offer a specific set of guidelines for naming as well as submitting the apps. Apple employs human editors to review all apps submitted to the store including the new ones as any updates for the existing ones. On the other hand, Google uses both human and automated editors for reviewing the apps. In terms of app review, Apple is extremely stringent about adherence to its guidelines while Google adapts a more egalitarian approach. ย 

3. Select The Right Name For The App

Choosing the right name for an app is essential not only for its proper branding but also for its easy discoverability. This is so because the name of an app is the first and the foremost thing that potential users find most impressive about it. The presence of relevant keywords within the app title plays a vital role in ensuring best results within app store search. With the app stores allowing for titles comprising of up to 255 characters, it is possible to include quite a few keywords and keyword phrases in the app title. However, it is also important to remember that too long titles can get truncated on search results and top chart pages.

4. Create Crisp Yet Compelling Description

An apps description is one of the key aspects responsible for attracting the attention of potential users. In fact, most mobile app advertising and marketing experts, consider the app description to be the second most important factor for ensuring its improved discoverability, after its name. The appโ€™s description should be focused on targeting the customer base rather than the search engine index. It should use simple and concise language to describe what the app does and should be viewed as a call-to-action for potential customers. It is also advisable to focus on the first three lines of the description to grab the attention of the potential users most of them donโ€™t go beyond these lines.

5. Go For Unique Icon Design

The icon design of an app is of extreme importance as it helps the app to visually stand apart from the crowd of apps submitted to the app store. That is why it is important to create a unique and visually appealing icon design for ensuring best results through app optimization. However, the designers need to consider the fact that both App Store and Google Play adapt a different approach towards rendering app icons. Both stores follow a predefined set of guidelines in terms of the ideal size, geometry, and color scheme to be used for app icons. This is to ensure that the icon design matches the overall look and styling of the OS in a perfect manner.

6. Be Sure To Include Screenshots & Videos

Including videos and screenshots in an app description do not necessarily impact search results in a significant manner. However, they do influence app downloads by bringing the descriptive text to life and ensuring better app store optimization. The screenshots and videos provide the potential users with a better idea of using the app before they actually download it. However, the mobile marketing professionals need to ensure that the screenshots and videos highlight the biggest benefits of using the app. Although the app stores do not place any restrictions on the types of screenshots and videos, they do give preference to the images that are representative of actual customer experience within the app.

App store optimization is an ongoing process and the above techniques can ensure maximization of results for this process and better return on investment.

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