App Store Optimization is a fruitful organic approach to improve apps’ visibility on the play store and make their stay worthwhile. Google is one of the leading platforms for popular public searches, and ASO supports the search rank of an app with high-ranking and relevant keywords.

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There is good news for app managers and developers, as Google Play Store will introduce some essential updates that will affect the Google ranking of websites/ apps. So, get ready for a revamped digital experience!ย 

In the coming times, the digital application software will also have to go through a similar ranking procedure on major app store platforms. Apps stores will try-and-improvise app visibility and increase footfall and conversion rate. The popularity of an application severely depends on downloads and usage. Often a Digital Marketing Agency is hired to get the application optimized.ย 

How Does App Store Optimization Work?ย 

The knowledge of the basics of app marketing is vital to look into, even prior to the app development. App Store Optimization is a process that entails app marketing to understand where to publish it to get better results.ย 

How Does App Store Optimization Work

Once an app is developed, the developer can publish it on the Google Play Store for Android users or on App Store for iOS applications

How Google Play Store Optimization Will Affect The Platform?ย 

What Are The Benefits Of App Store Optimization?ย 

Google Play Store has changed the market of App Store Optimization with its various features. Let see how it is continuously updating itself to help the audience to have a better experience!

  • The Google Play Store ratings on apps will include another dimension to it. This will be based on user devices. This way, app developers will get exclusive insight into app usage on different devices.
  • The new developments also help in allowing flexibility in date and time. This way you can now integrate and obtain data on a granular scale but over a long period.
  • Google Play Store Optimization will also support the download of average data and score that is distributed to every application in a CSV format. This is especially useful for developers working offline on downloaded data.

Google Play Store optimization is getting steady popularity and is creating a huge impact on the platform.ย 

What Are The Benefits Of App Store Optimization?ย 

How Google Play Store Optimization Will Affect The Platform?

There are several apps and games available at app stores but how to let your app reach your target audience. This is where the need for optimization comes into play. App Store Optimization allows an app to find the correct audience and it is considered to be one of the effective marketing strategies. Below are some of the benefits of App store optimization.

  • Help Your App To Stand Out In The Crowd

Optimization helps your App to be visible among the crowd. A well-built and functional app needs proper exposure and App Store Optimization helps in it.

  • Let Your App Be Discovered By A Relevant User

App Store Optimization uses certain keywords which are used by actual users when searching for an app like yours. So besides building an App it is important to optimize it properly so that it can be discovered by users who actually get benefitted from your app.

  • Maximize The Conversion Rate

App developers monetize in various ways either by running in App ads or by in-App purchases. Ads help your Apps to be discovered by people who might like your App and App store optimization boosts your conversion rate by encouraging people to download and run your app.

  • Helps To Dive Into The International Market

App Store Optimization is equipped with a special process known as localization which helps your app to be available in local popular languages of a specific region. Thus it helps you to reach audiences across the globe and let you dive into the global market.

  • Generates Organic Crowd

App store optimization will help you to boost your organic installs and downloads rate by placing relevant keywords. The users gained through organic search are much more reliable and happen to be associated for the long term.ย 


A Digital Marketing Agency is mostly behind the development and functioning of an application. It also looks at a few app optimization options that improve app visibility and the rate of downloads. Optimization of the evaluation system in such a huge platform as Google Play Store is quite advantageous for all applications available on the platform.

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