A Digital Marketing Agency has a number of marketing tools and strategies with which they can derive positive outcomes from a marketing or advertisement campaign. Marketing basics, especially for ad space buying, have remained unchanged between digital and print methods. However, things started changing with the introduction of programmatic advertising.

Digital Marketing AgencyPreviously, there was a need for actual communication and interaction between salesperson and advertiser. Now, with programmatic advertising, the display advertisement process is transforming. As a result, programmatic advertising is consistently expanding and is expected to grow to an extent where two-thirds of all digital ads will be programmatic ads.

Understanding Programmatic Advertising

Lately, programmatic marketing has been considered vital in the digital marketing landscape. Programmatic advertising is an automated process of buying and selling media inventory in real-time bidding. It can also be a software solution. Or maybe a combination of both software and automation process. Affiliate Marketing Companies of the modern era are leaning more toward programmatic advertising.

Understanding Programmatic AdvertisingProgrammatic advertising uses data with the buying selling equation. This data helps make the process automated. It can also be used with algorithms and software platforms to make it programmable. There is no more need for interactions while buying or selling; it is automatically taken care of.

Different Types Of Programmatic Advertisement

Though automated, programmatic buying still needs manual help from a team or a Social Media Marketing Agency. This is to perform the non-automated tasks. For managing programmatic advertisement, you will require highly-skilled individuals who have the necessary knowledge and understanding of marketing data, stats and trends. Programmatic advertising itself has different types, and the basics are mentioned below.

Real-Time Bidding (RTB)

Real-time bidding or open auction, or open markets are things with different names. This is because real-time bidding can refer to both programmatic ads and a transaction type. This is the most common type of programmatic ad where the ad inventory is made available to all bidders. This is done in an open auction with real-time bidding, hence the name.

Private Marketplace (PMP)

As the name suggests, private marketplaces are exclusive to specific buyers or single buyers, for that matter. Not all have access to such marketplaces. The ad inventory may also be restricted to special viewing in this selective atmosphere. PMP ads primarily focus on the platform where the ads will be up and running, limiting the buyers to a specific number.

Automated Guaranteed

Programmatic ad types that are heavily automated are called Automated Guaranteed. A Digital Marketing Agency uses an ad server API to display ads. In this type of ad, the ad inventory is reserved in advance, and the pricing is fixed. On top of that, software programs are used to automate the RFP and campaign routing process fully.

What Makes Programmatic Advertisement Important?

Unlike manual methods, programmatic advertising has made buying and selling ads faster, more efficient, and less expensive. But, with all that being said, the question remains, what makes programmatic advertising so important. Let us try to decipher that in the following four points.


The scalability present in Programmatic ads is far superior to the direct buying volume. Direct or other media buying has a limited inventory coupled with a smaller reach. At the same time, programmatic ads allow a broader space for a vast number of people all over the internet. You can buy any inventory of your choice, within the budget, with the help of programmatic advertising.

Real-Time Flexibility

Direct buy is a rigid process; once the purchase has been made, there can be no adjustments, and you will have to let the ad run its course regardless of the outcome. At the same time, programmatic ads are quite flexibly curated by Affiliate Marketing Companies. In addition, unlike direct buy, you can make adjustments in real-time, based on the ad’s performance.


The advertiser has to pay a certain sum amount for getting their content advertised in the first place. The idea is to make the most out of the money spent on advertisement. Programmatic ads generally cost less, so one can use them to layer-specific targeting criteria that the advertiser wants to target. The programmatic ad can be done with a minor budget and easily squeezed into your whole ad campaign budget.


Programmatic ads are cheap at layering more targeting criteria, attracting more audiences on a huge scale. A Social Media Marketing Agency will set up the target criteria in a way that reaches all of the internets. Data, interest, demographics, and in-market audience are a few layers to targeting that you can add, and there are plenty more. Not just layering the targeting criteria but also doing it through one platform is the biggest perk of programmatic ads.

Benefits Of Programmatic Advertisement

Suppose digital advertisement has become the dominant strand of advertising. In that case, programmatic ads are on the way to becoming the most dominant part of the digital ad space. However, there is more to a programmatic advertisement than just being a faster and cheaper process. So let us look at other benefits advertisers can get from investing in a programmatic ad. 

  • A Digital Marketing Agency which specialises in programmatic advertising will be able to tap into a broader market. Programmatic advertising caters to diverse audiences but always keeps in mind what the buyer requires.
  • In programmatic advertising, advertisers can see the exact sites of advertisement reach, audience type, and any extra cost in real-time. This transparency is not available in traditional advertising.
  • As mentioned before, there is a more excellent targeting capability insured. Advertisers can choose from various specifics and add them to the targeting spectrum. This way, they can attract the target audience with relevance.
  • The best thing about programmatic advertising is that it can work for mid-sized and big-budgeted brands.
  • Programmatic ads can reach the right target audience at the right atmosphere and time.

For a Social Media Marketing Agency, programmatic ads are crucial in today’s time. The consistency at which digital advertising, especially programmatic advertising, is increasing only proves its reliability and efficiency. Moreover, most companies today reserve a part of their digital ad campaigns for programmatic inclusions. This gives enough reason to look into the matter.

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