If you go to buy glue, what comes to your mind first? For a majority of us, it is obvious to ask for Fevicol! Have you ever wondered Why so? Fevicol has branded itself so well that it has become synonymous with Glue. And, that, my dear reader, is the power of Branding.

Branding is the process of building a positive & strong perception of a company, its products/ services, and its people, in the target users’ minds. With Branding comes Brand Awareness, User Targeting, Product Relevance and Customer engagement. Branding, in short, refers to the familiarity of a product or service by its name using various marketing channels. It is in alignment with how well the target audience understands the brand.

For every emerging enterprise, Brand Awareness is crucial as it boosts sales and builds a loyal customer base. As per the marketing experts, brand awareness is pivotal for companies looking to expand their horizons in the potential market. Hence, it comprehensively consumes 37% of marketing activities.

In recent years, digital marketing has boomed incomparably and now acts as a game-changing phenomenon for numerous brands. As projected by the experts, Digital Marketing will continue to rule the marketing industry! A majority of the world population, almost 2/3rd, are internet users. Hence, it is paramount for brands to leverage the advantages the digital marketing industry offers.

How does the Digital Marketing industry contribute to improving Branding?

Digital Marketing Agencies help brands highlight and convey the company’s core ideas, philosophy, and values, to build an attractive brand perception. Their user engagement strategies have a sheer amalgamation of brand guidelines, industry trends and creative innovation.

What platforms can you leverage for Brand Awareness?

Lately, the users’ approach to shopping has shifted to online. Hence, brand awareness is a must, and the following mediums should be leveraged to elaborate growth efficiency:

Search Engine Optimization1. Search Engine Optimization: SEO includes choosing the right keywords and phrases to achieve relevance and rank. Statistically speaking, 62% of users do not go beyond the first page. Hence, to improve sales and rank on the top of the search engine results page (SERP), integrate high-ranking keywords to your page and user-specific communication. Digidarts (India’s Pioneer Performance-Driven Digital Marketing Agency) aims at hyperscaling the SEO activities for brands via customized and industry-relevant strategies. 

2. Social Media Marketing: In today’s time, Social Media is ruling the marketing sector. SMM is a form of Internet Marketing that utilise social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and many more as marketing tools. These tools are used for engaging with customers and generating traffic & brand exposure. 

3. Content Marketing: One of the best ways to grow brand awareness is through content marketing. We understand the need and use of content in the world of digital marketing and what impact it makes on a brand. Hence, it is effectively leveraged by digital marketing agencies to boost brand awareness, grow traffic, and target ideal customers. Content such as ad copies, blogs, website content, Newsletters, CRM and many more, are used to promote awareness and sales for the brands. As a result, the brand will be on top of the mind when the potential client is making a purchase.

4. Pay-Per-Click Marketing: PPC is focused on gaining visibility in search engines, but it is all about the paid results. It raises brand awareness at a great pace as compared to SEO. Digidarts uses PPC campaigns as a powerful tool to create brand awareness and reach the target audience while enhancing sales. 

5. Affiliate Marketing: It refers to the process by which an affiliate earns a commission for marketing another company’s products. It is dependent on the number of sales generated through the affiliate. With the help of affiliate marketing, companies get mentions on partner websites and other platforms. More than ads, it comes across as a recommendation from the affiliate. Nowadays, bloggers and influencers are high in demand to promote companies.

Some of the benefits of building Brand Awareness through Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing1. Boost Market Share and Sales: Brand awareness is crucial to driving performance marketing goals, leads and sales. Digital marketing can make more people aware of your brand by targeting a high-quality and relevant audience. Moreover, the likelihood of conversions and dominating the market increases.

2. Scale in New Place: Social Media Marketing can be a great tool to scale in new places. For example, Twitter has an ‘awareness campaign’ template, that is, leveraged to target the preferred audience. Moreover, with the advent of influencer marketing and guest posting, a broad audience can be reached. 

3. Get Audience Insights: Through digital marketing, a brand awareness campaign can be set to collect valuable data about the brand’s audience and potential buyers. Using this data, marketers can create unique audience segments, devise retargeting strategies, and optimize for future campaigns.

Now, your introduction to brand awareness is complete. You can choose how you wish to invest in brand awareness campaigns and what suits your brand niche the best. A successful Brand Awareness strategy improves brand value, reach and growth. If you wish to build a solid digital marketing strategy, Digidarts is here to assist and establish a brand identity that resonates with your clients.

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