Creative InstagramThe growing popularity of Instagram as โ€œthe platformโ€ used by businesses for enhanced user engagement, has made it necessary for social media marketing companies to come up with exclusive story ideas. Discussed below are 20 such creative story ideas that can help in boosting a brandโ€™s user engagement.

1. Make It Visual: Using visuals to showcase the expertise of a brand in a creative and stunning manner is one of the best ways to impress target audiences and ensure better engagement.

2. Start A Contest: Giveaways and contests are extremely effective for attracting user attention and maximizing the reach of a brand and enhancing user engagement.

3. Promote Blog Posts: Using Instagram to promote latest blog posts provides an interesting solution to boost engagement while also offering useful and relevant information to users.

4. Promote User-Generated Content: User generated content can influence the buying decision of other prospective customers quite significantly and also drive engagement by reassuring these buyers.

5. Launch New Products: Launching new products through Instagram helps a brand to create buzz for the same and also provides an easy and fun way for businesses to engage their customers.

6. Invest In Influencers And Celebrity Endorsement: Influencers and celebrity endorsements can help in enhancing brand credibility and its reach by motivating their fans and followers to engage with the business.

7. Celebrate Events And Holidays: Events are holidays provide a great opportunity for brands to enhance user engagement by coming up with interesting offers, deals and even games and contests.

8. Support A Cause: Supporting a cause or an idea through Instagram stories adds a humanitarian aspect to the company and highlights the values of the brand, besides attracting a greater number of motivated visitors.

9. Make Use Of Popular Hashtags: By using popular hashtags, brands can enhance their visibility and drive engagement, although this would require them to create truly exclusive stories to go with hashtags.

10. The Right Memes: Memes help in boosting engagement in an exciting and fun-filled manner, although social media marketing companies in Delhi need to ensure that the memes suit specific brand styles and audience sensitivities.

11. Post A Quote: Posting quotes that align with a brandโ€™s mission and the interests of its audience prove extremely effective in creating a buzz about a brand and driving user engagement and conversion.

12. Upload Employee Interviews: Employee interviews help audiences to gain an understanding of behind-the-scenes working of their business and building a sense of trust.

13. Use Tutorials And How To Videos: Tutorials and how to videos have emerged as the next big thing in social media marketing and integrating them into Instagram stories enhances conversions significantly.

14. Share Stats And Numbers: Sharing the success story of a business in the form of stats and numbers is also a great way to attract potential clients and increase conversion rates.

15. Post Artistic Stuff: Artistic stuff such as doodles, sketches and calligraphy are much preferred by a large section of Instagram users and can thus help improve conversions.

16. Ask A Question: Seeking an answer to a question that is relevant to the brand and also appeals to audiences is one of the best ways to enhance user engagement.

17. Reuse Customer Testimonials: Sharing customer testimonials can help a brand to convince potential customers about the quality and usability of their products and services and drive conversions.

18. Provide A Sneak Peak Into The Workplace: Customers are generally curious to know more about the brand workplace and environment and videos showing the same are much appreciated.

19. Share DIY Ideas: DIY ideas to help users solve a wide range of problems relevant to the brand niche are also proving quite effective for attracting visitors.

20. Throwback Images: Throwback images can help in highlighting the legacy of a brand and also help customers remember and celebrate its history.ย ย 

What are you waiting for? Engage your followers and get Insta-famous!

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