Social Commerce, or social buying, is buying or selling products and services through community networks. By engaging a wide audience and creating active groups around products or services, the likelihood of sales increases exponentially.

Social commerce is a way to make ecommerce transactions happen via social channels. It allows you to tap into an entirely new marketplace of buyers – all of whom are much more likely to be interested in the niche your business offers. So, if you desire to grow your business, you can hire a Digital Marketing Agency to manage all the social commerce tactics.

Social Commerce
Why is Social Commerce Gaining Popularity?

Social commerce is the new hotness in ecommerce, marketing and commerce (amongst other things). With the rise of social channels, you can see many companies tapping into this trend to engage customers or generate sales. It is emerging as an effective opportunity for traders as they get to connect with the customers in a more meaningful way.

What is the role of Digital Marketing in Social Commerce?

It’s not just about brand or product, Social Commerce is about connecting people. Social commerce is simply a way of selling online, but it’s different from other forms of online selling in several ways.

With social commerce, you have a direct line to your customers’ purchasing decisions (and feedback) rather than dealing with unknown suppliers and retailers. You also build an audience for your business before you ever make a sale, which allows you to use this direct channel to grow your customer base organically. And, this is where Digital Marketing Services takes control of connecting the brand with its potential users while deriving user trust, better engagement, effective interaction, and increased conversions.

2022 Social Commerce Trends To Look Out For

The user response has evolved drastically in the past years. As there has been an evident surge in social users, commercial brands also stepped into the market to gain a massive digital reach. For instance, the stats show that the commercial space on Instagram and Snapchat is mostly used by Gen Z, while the commercial space on Facebook pulls Gen X into the scene. This brings us to the discussion of the social commerce trends raging in the market in 2022.

Interactive Chatbots For Generating Sales

Since social communities started using conversations to build their user base, it has skyrocketed. This gave rise to the enormous use of chatbots. Chatbots are used for interacting with audiences even without requiring human interference. For a Digital Marketing Agency, using chatbots in today’s time often seems inevitable.

Multi-faceted brands integrate chatbots into their system to converse with as many consumers as possible. It naturally increases their reach and builds a reliable relationship between consumers and the brands. As consumers are moving towards more personalized experiences, brands are trying to meet their expectations with personal interactions to solve all their problems and fulfil the requirements simultaneously.

Social Commerce
Instagram For Shopfronts & The Inclusion Of Shoppable Feeds

As mentioned before, Instagram has been quite a hub for Gen Z, who has contributed gravely to the growth and stability of social commerce in the social sphere. Gen Z has been perceived to be more prone to buying products online than actually visiting a physical store. Hence, Digital Marketing Services have wisely set up their marketing and advertising fronts in the sphere.

The stats show that almost 70% of Instagram users discover new products on social media platforms. The visual storefront allows users to shop from pictures and videos, making it easier to find a trendy product or something of their choice. There are also shoppable feeds that have only recently come into the limelight. In this case, brands can activate their Instagram feeds and turn them into shoppable storefronts.

Micro-Influencer Collaborations

Influencer marketing is the new-age marketing tactic integrated by brands to connect with their audience better. According to stats, well over 80% of Instagram users are influenced to buy products by taking inspiration from these influencers. Today, influencer marketing is so-hyped that one can find their niche easily. Micro-influencers are told to have a greater influence and engagement ratio.

Customization Of Facebook Shops

Facebook has become more of a business space than a social media platform for personal interaction between general users and the public. For a Digital Marketing Agency, Facebook is a mere tool for gaining reach and conversions. With the introduction of Facebook shops, the brands can come with a more personalized outlook and interaction with their audience, which was unattainable before in the social space. And lastly, while Gen Z acquired Instagram and Snapchat, Gen X has been, undoubtedly, devoted to Facebook for Social Commerce.

Live Streams & Other Engagement Protocols

Not just social commerce, live streaming has been incessantly popular in recent times for grabbing more eyeballs. From public events to gaming and even resting one’s opinion on some things, live streams have been part of every culture in the digital space. The business can directly convey its message to the audience with live streaming.


At the rate social commerce is excelling, more social media platforms are expected to join the league. This will create an influx of opportunities for brands and digital platforms to make a great deal of profit by up-selling opportunities.


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