Enhance Your Campaign Performance With Powerful And Popular Marketing Tools

In recent years, digital marketing has skyrocketed with huge numbers due to the sudden inclination of offline stores towards online marketplaces! Due to this trend, emerging or new-age brands depend on digital marketing tools and strategically thrive in their business. 

The digital marketing industry is ever-evolving and requires you to benefit from modern marketing tools while outperforming your competitors. If you are not able to adapt, your business might suffer. However, this does not mean you spend all your time on marketing efforts – streamlining tasks is vital too! 

To spend time wisely and get effective results, you can leverage adequate marketing tools to accomplish the desired goals. 

Here are the most powerful and popular digital marketing tools – know why they are crucial for your business: 

HubSpot CRM – 

One of the favourite marketing tools of Marketers, HubSpot CRM, allows you to boost sales and manage customer interaction. In addition, it provides an aerial view of your sales pipeline with its interactive visual dashboard. It helps businesses connect with their potential users through features such as email templates, live chat, scheduling meetings and many more. It has an ultimate responsive user interface design that allows you to track all your business deals. 

SocialBee – 

SocialBee is a social media management tool highly used by agencies, entrepreneurs and small businesses who wish to enhance their social presence across all platforms by putting their content on auto-pilot. It allows you to add, organise and share content across various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Google My Business. Moreover, it helps in reporting and analysing the performance of your account and sets up a posting schedule in a content calendar. It is a user-friendly and pocket-friendly tool for everyone who wishes to up their social presence. 

SEMrush –

It is one of the highest-rated digital marketing tools for businesses that can help plan and monitor your SEO strategies. It enables you to search relevant keywords for your website, analyse your competitors’ SEO strategies and create SEO-friendly content. In addition, SEMrush can assist you with pay-per-click ad campaigns to boost sales. Hence, it is a hyper-effective software that can help you with your digital marketing needs like organic traffic insights, content audit, backlink analysis and much more. 

Mailchimp –

It is an integrated marketing platform that is known for its ability to create meaningful email marketing campaigns. MailChimp has pre-designed email templates that you can use to draft professional emails for your customers to drive sales without any prior knowledge. Moreover, you can manage and track numerous email campaigns to see if your marketing efforts are giving the desired results. Lastly, the integrated analytics tool makes it possible to analyse audience behaviour.

Canva –

Canva is a marketing tool to create visual content for multiple marketing campaigns. Without hardcore graphic designing skills, you can curate eye-catching designs for your marketing campaigns by leveraging the professional design templates offered by Canva. Whether you want to create infographics that engage prospects or videos to help customers learn about your brand offerings, Canva enables you to create a vast range of content. 

Hotjar – 

It is a specialised behaviour analytics software that allows you to gain better insights into user behaviour through features like visitor recordings and heatmaps. As a marketer, it is of utmost importance to understand and analyse the behaviour of users visiting the brand website. Using the behaviour information, you can improve the overall user experience of your website. Also, it allows you to get feedback directly from users. Feedback data helps identify the factors that trigger customers to perform specific actions. 

OptiMonk – 

OptiMonk is a platform that allows businesses to capture customer attention and prevent them from bouncing through personalised pop-ups. The idea is to turn your traffic into sales with on-site messages. OptiMonk helps you capture users’ attention by displaying a targeted offer. For instance, OptiMonk facilitates web users to segment their marketing messages and project them only when they make sense. For example, the platform creates different campaigns for the ‘first-time shoppers’ and ‘returning buyers’. In addition to being user-friendly, it also has a plethora of templates and brands can customise their messages based on pop-ups that work effectively.

The use of creative tools at work is a must for every marketer. Digidarts, an infinite growth agency, excels at driving Growth and Performance for brands, hailing from diverse industry verticals. They make the most of the powerful marketing tools (if not all!) to create a smooth User Journey, Boost Sales, establish Brand Awareness and take your brand to greater heights.

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