Video marketing is emerging as a highly effective social media marketing strategy, especially with video engagement growing way faster than the engagement achieved through any other type of content. This has made it necessary for social media marketing companies to invest more time and effort in creating video content that truly resonates with the audience.

In this context, Instagram videos should be the key focus area for such professionals, given the fact that the video application of this social media platform is still in its early stages of widespread adoption. Therefore taking advantage of this feature now can prove highly rewarding for businesses in the future, giving the scope of first-mover advantage.

Tips For Creating Engaging Video Content For Instagram

With countless different types of videos being shared on Instagram every day, it is important for businesses to have a well-thought-of video content strategy in place to get the desired results. Discussed below are some effective tips that can help social media marketing professionals create truly engaging video content for assured business growth.

Set Clear Objectives

Most Instagram videos are only a few minutes long, which is why it is important to plan and stage them in the most effective manner. For this, it is important to first set it clear the ultimate objective of sharing a video. The marketing professionals need to be sure about whether the video is intended to gain new followers for the business, drive traffic to the website or even initiate a more personal engagement with existing followers. This information is vital for creating video content with the appropriate tone and feel.

Set Clear Objectives

Begin The Video With Something Highly Engaging

It is quite common for users to scroll down their Instagram feed at a fast pace and skip anything that looks even remotely like an ad. However, the good news is that Instagram videos begin playing automatically, which the marketing professionals can use to their advantage. Starting the video with the most engaging clip can help a business stand apart and draw the attention of their target audiences. Including on-screen captions is also a good idea, since Instagram videos play with the voice muted unless the users choose to turn the sound on.

Tell A Unique Story

Stories prove to be one of the most effective and powerful ways for businesses to connect with their audiences. While it is not necessary to create a proper storyboard, a content marketing agency needs to make sure that every second of the video is used optimally. For this, the story to be told through the video should be divided into three main parts namely, start, middle, and end. In addition, the story should be inspiring and should motivate the users to take the desired action.

Tell A Unique Story

Build The Buzz With Video Teasers

An effective way to enhance user engagement is by generating curiosity about upcoming video content. Providing the audience with a sneak-peek of what is coming through high quality and engaging teasers is sure to build their interest and make them watch the video once it has been uploaded. Such advance promotion is especially important when businesses intend to upload live video content. Providing the audiences with all the information about what the video will be about and how they can benefit by watching it, will motivate them to tune in.

Add A Call To Action

Creating a video for business promotion without any clear call to action makes a little sense. Even the simple CTA of prompting viewers to visit the business website or even subscribe to their newsletter is usually enough to enhance audience engagement. It is also important to ensure that the video does not feature multiple calls to action making the viewers feel overwhelmed or even annoyed and causing them to give up watching and sharing it.

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