When you launch a new business venture – How do you establish your name? How do you familiarise your target audience with what you are trying to sell?
The answer is simple, Brand Awareness!

But what does it mean? It means how well your target audience knows about your brand and identifies it.

There are plenty of options to establish brand awareness, from billboards to cold calls. However, the trending marketing strategy to boost awareness is Pay-Per-Click Advertising. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is vital for any brand that wants to be visible online. PPC campaigns show your ads to people on the search engine results page (SERPs), social media sites, website banners, and anywhere your potential customers are likely to visit.

Here are some hacks to make your brand campaign successful:

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Write an Interesting Ad Copy:

You should write descriptive ads! Since you have a finite amount of space for an ad copy, it is vital to make it concise. You can improve your ad copy with powerful verbs like boost, enhance, and elevate. To make your ad copy appear trustworthy, you should strategically leverage statistics. Use active voice rather than passive voice. Lastly, write an ad copy keeping in mind the target audience, and use the right tone and language while addressing the needs and wants of the target audience.

Create Separate Campaigns for Mobile and Desktop:

With smartphones being easily accessible, 60% of the searches are on mobile devices. Mobile users and desktop users have different needs and habits. Hence, it is essential to create separate campaigns for mobiles and desktops. For instance, mobile users are more interested in quick and easy solutions, so your ads should be product specific. On the other hand, Desktop users‌ are research-oriented, so your ads should be more informative.

Revisit Your Personas:

Consumer preferences keep evolving, so you must frequently analyse your personas. It is a good idea to review current and prospective clients’ demographics. After reviewing client data, interpret if it matches your client personas. If not, you can alter your campaigns to not miss out on potential leads thinking they are not a part of your target audience.

Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi
Refresh Your Landing Pages:

Is your bounce rate high? When was the last time you optimized your landing page? According to our industry experts, a well-designed landing page can reduce your bounce rate and improve leads. Analyse the functioning of your landing pages and how they stack up against one another. Additionally, you can perform A/B testing to look for ways to optimize your landing pages to increase completed actions, whether it’s a design refresh, new call-to-action copy or something else.

Geotarget Your Ads:

When you manage your ad targeting, choose and focus on geographic locations where your products and services are available and relevant. The best way to determine which regions you want to target is by using the various geographic reporting features in your chosen paid search platform. If you use Google Ads, dig into your Locations and Distance reports to see performance data by location. From there, you can leverage the Location targeting setting to select specific areas where you want to show your ad, which can help reduce campaign costs and improve ROI.


Remarketing is one of the most effective strategies allowing brands to target potential customers or interested users. One of the most effective ways to remarket to potential customers is through retargeting ads. You show retargeting ads to people interested in your website who did not end the user journey with a purchase. These ads act as a constant reminder to potential customers about your product/service.

These are just a few tricks that will enable you to elevate your brand campaigns. If you are unsure of your PPC skills or do not have the time, you should consider one of the best PPC agencies in India, Digidarts. It is a leading digital marketing agency with over 8-years of experience. They will help you create, manage and analyze an effective brand campaign while achieving the desired results.

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